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    Loading Problem

    That was the first thing that I did. I didn't think that was the problem because the photoshows did not work in IE and Firefox, and I didn't think I had a ad blocking software for IE, but apparently I did. Thanks for your help it got looking in the right direction for the solution.
  2. RevTom

    Loading Problem

    Hmm good suggestions. I tried with the security software disabled, but it still didn't work. That led to me think that ad blocking software might be causing it. I disabled adblock on Firefox, and it finally worked. Thanks for your help.
  3. RevTom

    Loading Problem

    I have the latest version of flash, and am using Firefox. IE does not work either. I have 2 computers and it doesn't work on either one. They work fine on a friends though.
  4. RevTom

    Loading Problem

    Hello, All I am trying to do is watch a photoshow that someone else created. I have looked all over and could not find out the problem. I am getting the following error. Loading Problem - Sorry, there was a problem loading your Photoshow. Please try again. I have windows XP, up to date everything, but none of the photoshows work. I get to the loading bar, but then it sits there for like one minute and then I get the error. What is the problem?