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    Dvd Burning Error

    It is 91 files that it let me put on the file. I just kept adding more until it said there was 6 minutes left before the disc would be full before I pressed the burn button. The link did help somewhat. I choose the image file option and was able to complete it and make a DVD. I was doing this just in case the disc defrag didn't work. I will try to other way again tomorrow. For those of you who weren't following my other thread...I was trying to do this on a different "crippled" roxio program and it wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. It was either making me choose each clip because it wouldn't automatically advance to it. Or a different way wouldn't allow me to go back to a previous clip if I missed something without starting it from the beginning. So, I wanted to try this program since it seemed better with it being a pro version. Well the disc I just created makes me manually advance as well. Does anyone know if it is possible to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Kind of like a store bought DVD where you can skip around if you choose to. I'm not sure if it would help at all if I would cut the number of files down. As I said, I only did that because it said I had room to do so. Thanks for the help!
  2. lucky4you02

    Dvd Burning Error

    "Output each part in VideoWave into a File that matches you final output quality" I have no idea what videowave is or the output quility. Can you give me step by step what to do? Forgot to mention that there were 90 something clips I put on it. And that below the check marks it said 100% complete.
  3. lucky4you02

    Dvd Burning Error

    8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1 Has green checks next to open project, encoding movie and complete. No checks next to encode menus and record menus. I had done the project once after putting titles for each clip. I did it again without doing that in case that was the problem and it happened again. I'm trying to make a DVD of several video clips. Plese let me know what other info may be needed to help figure out if there is a solution. Thanks!
  4. OK then. I also have easy media creator suite 2011. It seems like that was working for what I need. Bit, it said the dvd was 100% complete but some things with titles didn't check off because of an error. I will give up on this program and post those errors on the other board. thanks for the help!
  5. The thing is that I don't like either way. I want to be able to have both options on one "movie". I want to be able to have it automatically forward to the next clip AND if I miss something to be able to go back to a previous spot (not only the beginning). Kind of like a DVD movie you buy.
  6. So, either do it the way I did the first time where all I could do is start from the beginning with no options to advance or skip videos or the 2nd way where I had to advance each one manually?
  7. As I said, I didn't know what the correct terms were for what I was trying to do. I tried something different regarding what I stated in post #5. I selected to insert each video clip as a seperate movie. Now I have more options on my menu page and I can select each clip! Actually I have to do it that way. It won't advance to the next one automatically. I realize that I have the limited version. But, does anyone know if there is a setting in the creation of it to have it move to the next one on it's own? I did cut it back to 90 something files. Thanks!
  8. I want it to move from clip to clip automatically. I did accomplish that. But, I also want to be able to select scenes. Doesn't have to be all the scenes. But, at least some of them so I don't have to start all over if I miss one. I was suprized that it let me put all of them on one disc to begin with. I may just sut down the amount on one disc that way it won't be so bad if I have to start over everytime. I just expected to be able to have more options.
  9. It is mydvd express. I thought you were wanting me to find the file to the dvd I already burned before to see what the dialog box said. But, now I'm thinking you wanted me to start over with a new one. The steps I used were...add new movie, select the file of a clip (the first time I selected like 160 clips), then add and create disc. I'm not sure at what point or what you want me to right click. As for as scene selections, titles, books and chapters, I have no idea what the name for what I want is. When I insert the first disc I think what is the title menu comes up. The only things there are a large and small preview screen. I can click on the smaller one to start it. It says title 1 chapter on at the bottom throught the whole disc. I don't need to be able to get to a certain point in a clip because they are short. But, I want to be able to move from clip to clip without starting the whole thing over. I have used windows dvd maker and could do this. I saw that on there they had several titles and chapters. It isn't working with that program now. The audio and video are not in sync. So, I wanted to try this program. At this point I don't know if I need to add all the clips at once or individually. Thanks for all the patience and help.
  10. I may have figured something out. When I went to make a new movie, the first box that came up asked something. How do I want to insert the movies? Insert all video clips as one movie or insert each video clip as a seperate movie? I selected the first one the first time. I didn't want it to ask for a new disc for each clip. Do you think the other option will solve my problem? I was looking for my saved file to answer the question about the dialog box. But, I can't find the file so I may not have saved it.
  11. I figured it had to be done before. I was going to burn it again. I need to know what setting options I need to look for in case it does have it.
  12. Is there a way to make the burned DVD have scene selections? I just burned a quite long DVD from several video files. I wanted to go back to a previous scene when watching it and couldn't. So I had to start it over. Then I couldn't forward it to where I wanted it to be. I'm new at theis so thanks for any help.
  13. lucky4you02

    Read Only Error

    Sorry it took me so long to come back. I just want to say thanks. When our friend upgraded the computer, he put the writer at the top instead back at the bottom where it was origionally. So when my husband installed the dvd drive, he put it at the top because he thought the writer was at the bottom. He went find the one he took out an it was in fact the writer. It took him awile but, he finally got around to reinstalling the writer. I haven't tried to put any pictures on a cd yet. But, it seems to be ready for me to do it when I'm ready. So, it wasn't a Roxio problem at all. Anyways, thanks for the help!
  14. lucky4you02

    Read Only Error

    Device manager info: DVD/CD Rom Drives: HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8481B LITE-ON DVD SOHD-16P9SV I was able to save pictures to a CD-R disk before. We upgraded the hard drive a few months back. I thought that may have been the problem and I just needed to reinstall roxio. That didn't work so I thought it may be because we recently installed the DVD drive. I haven't tryed to burn music. But, It definately says the drive is read only when I try to write pictures there. I'm not sure what other info would be needed here. Thanks
  15. lucky4you02

    Read Only Error

    I was trying to write some jpeg pictures to a cd and it said that files on the cd-rom drive are read only. Then I remembered that we had a computer upgrade and never reinstalled the cd creater. So, I reinstalled it. During installation it said it didn't support my operation system. But, it let me download anyway. I downloaded the upgrade on this site to version Now, I'm getting the same error as before I installed it. I have Win XP. Thanks for any help you can offer.