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    Can't Access Files After Restore, Help!

    Thank you for the sites Trbwst. The permission on the folders were preventing me from accessing the information. I don't know if i might help others, but I found that during the reformat of my computer, the safe mode was disabled/unaccessable. I had to run the built in PC recovery program for my windows xp to gain access to the safe mode. Hope no one else had as much problems as i did, but thank you again for the help!
  2. I recently used the roxio easy media creator9 feature for the backup mypc version 7. Got 4 disks burned, 3 dvd and 1 cd. I reformatted my computer to return it to factory settings and reinstalled roxio emc9. After I used the restore feature from the backup program, I could not access my documents or settings. I keep getting an "access denied" message. I need help! I have lots of documents and digital pictures i can't replace. How can i get my information off the disk without losing access to my computer?