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    Music Upload

    I'm trying to upload my own MP3 to put on my PhotoShow. I've tried several files but continually get an error, "We had a problem saving your music file. Please try again." I've tried different songs on different days at different times of the day. Any suggestions?
  2. BarbaraInMemphis

    Send Back To Pc

    Well, of course, I'm playing with PhotoShow. I made a PS on my PC then sent it to my PS Circle. At PhotoShow.com, I edited the show. Now, how do I get the edited version sent back to my PC so I can burn a DVD?
  3. BarbaraInMemphis

    Dvd Burner Problems

    Have you done any testing on Magnavox DVD's? I had not heard of them before seeing a special deal from OfficeMax. Thanks
  4. BarbaraInMemphis

    Html Code

    Would my server, LunarPages, not do that automatically if I have the code to put on my site?
  5. BarbaraInMemphis

    Html Code

    I need the HTML code to a PhotoShow I made. I know I've done it before as it is on my website now. I just can't remember how I did it. I want to be able to use my own MP3s on my shows on my site without posting them online with PhotoShow Circle. Is this not possible anymore or have I just forgotten what I did? I did click on "Share", then to Export, then Export Format to "create a webpage with HTML code". I save it in My Photoshows file but when I open it, which folder contains the HTML code? I'm still working on this so my new question is, does the PhotoShow HAVE to be uploaded to the web to get the HTML code? Can I just get it from my desktop/PC without "sharing" it with anyone?
  6. BarbaraInMemphis

    New Members

    I sent you a private message (PM) that has the links to my PhotoShows on it. Our website has a photoshow on it. It's on the photography page. There's been some kinks along the way but Roxio has been very supportive in helping me resolve any issues.
  7. BarbaraInMemphis

    File Names Not Showing Up

    I re-installed PhotoShow 5.0 & was able to burn a DVD so that issue is solved. Now the file names are not showing while under the "Manage" tab so I don't/can't tell what I'm opening. (I have a screenshot of it but I don't know how to post that here) Now what??
  8. BarbaraInMemphis

    Export To Video Wmv Or Avi

    Okay, I still get the error, Video Export Failed. If I export my PhotoShow to a video, WMV or AVI, will I be able to burn it to a DVD to be seen via a DVD player/big screen TV? Thanks. I really need to get this show on a DVD.
  9. I've not burned a DVD since I upgraded to PhotoShow 5.0 from 4.5 until tonight. I tried using a Memorex then a Maxell after reading of another's plight with the "Video Export Failed" subject line. I still got the VEF error so I restarted the computer & tried again. I'm using Windows XP, btw. Still no go. I also tried to export it to video, WMV or AVI but it says it'll be able to be shown on any computer. It's going to be shown on a big screen TV via DVD player. It does contain my own music. This slideshow is for a very special birthday coming very soon so I need to be able to use special music for it. Any suggestions?
  10. BarbaraInMemphis

    Music Preview

    Have you downloaded the songs yet? Not all of the songs are included with the software installation. It takes a while for them to download so don't be in a hurry. To download them, make sure you're connected to the internet, then at the bottom of the "juke box" is a "Download all genres/songs". Click on that & it's just a matter of time & you'll be back in business with the Wedding March. There are a lot of great Classicals that are good to put with the photo shows. I was impressed. I hope I've explained this right.
  11. BarbaraInMemphis

    Music Preview

    Have you downloaded them yet? If not, you need to do so as they are not all installed until you download them.
  12. BarbaraInMemphis

    Move Photoshows To A New Pc

    Have you tried to view them at www.photoshow.com? Try emailing them to yourself.
  13. BarbaraInMemphis

    Music In Background

    When you open the program, go to the "Manage" tab. Click on your show & go to "edit". In the edit area, go to the "Playback" tab. You should see an area on the left that show the song that the program "chose" for you. Go to the dropdown menu & select "Custom". There you can add your own MP3. You'll not be able to use your custom music on the Roxio site due to copyright laws, however. If you put the show on your personal website, then you can use your own music. If you want to see what I did on my site, go to www.theweddingmeister.com & click on the Photography page. I'm VERY proud of what I was able to do with PhotoShow 5. You are welcome to email or PM me if you get confused.
  14. BarbaraInMemphis

    Help For Me, Tired Of Waiting For Roxio Reply

    Have you tried going to Live Chat? They've been great at helping me out. I've gotten response from Support Tickets, too, so I can't imagine why you aren't getting any response back from them. I've had wonderful & quick service.
  15. BarbaraInMemphis

    Music In Background

    Yes, I use a converter found here: http://www.jodix.com/ Hope this helps!
  16. BarbaraInMemphis

    Failure To Launch/open

    I deleted PS4 Image Database folder but when PS5 reinstalled, it reappeared. Should I delete it again? While in that folder, Simple Star, I also noticed PhotoShow II. Should that be deleted as well? Thanks.
  17. BarbaraInMemphis

    Send Back To Pc

    Gotcha. If you would tell me which of the online styles are available online but not in PS 5, I'll just stay away from them. Is it possible for Roxio to do an update to the to get them added? Thank you for all of your help.
  18. BarbaraInMemphis

    Send Back To Pc

    I think I've answered my own question. I did not realize that on PS 5, I have the same spiffy stuff that PhotoShow.com has, right? So I can make the PS on my PC just like I can on PS.com, right?
  19. BarbaraInMemphis

    Looking To Upgrade

    I have PhotoShow 4.5 & I think I've about got it figured out. When I went to PhotoShow.com to see the changes that were made last week & the choices are awesome! I understand that since I've got 4.5, though, when I edit a show at .com, it won't send it back to me since I've got 4.5 on my system. Sooo, if I want to burn it on a DVD I'd need to upgrade, right? I'd love to upgrade but am afraid the upgrade will mess up the shows I've already done. What do you think? I've seen where the upgrade is $29.99, however, on this page - http://www.simplestar.com/software/gallery?days=99 - it shows it at $24.99. Needless to say, I'd like the less expensive price. Do you think Roxio would honor that price?
  20. BarbaraInMemphis

    Looking To Upgrade

    After 2 days of back & forth, Roxio came through. I now have upgraded to 5.0. I've been extremely satisfied at the time & effort they spent on this issue for me. Now, I have only one "complaint" - I'm going to be up all night playing with all of the new & spiffy features.
  21. BarbaraInMemphis

    Looking To Upgrade

    Geez, I've never had to work so hard to spend $$$. This morning I placed the order, got an order number but no download link/information. The guy I spoke to said he couldn't authorize the $24.99 price but could give me a 10% discount. When I didn't recieve a download link, I contacted the chat line & they said I should call Digital River. So I called Digital River & gave her the order number. I also mentioned the URL that shows $24.99 & they don't have anything to do with that page, she said. I should contact SimpleStar, however, on the URL listed it shows Roxio, formerly SimpleStar. She said I should replace the order but then I won't get a discount or the price of $24.99 as shown. I also rec'd a "help ticket" answer this morning but I have no idea what they are - answering - as I've not submitted one. Help, please.
  22. BarbaraInMemphis

    Font Used On "theme" Option

    Thank you, Mike. There's not much I don't like about PhotoShow. I have 4.5 with the DVD add-on. I thought I'd found it - Regency Script, so I appreciate your correction. They are very similar. Thanks again.
  23. BarbaraInMemphis

    Font Used On "theme" Option

    Can someone tell me what font is used on the "Elegant Leather Red" theme? The font I'm asking about is at the top of the theme where it says, "The Perfect Family Photo Site" It's beautiful. I'd like to use the same font across some of the pix in my gallery. Thanks
  24. BarbaraInMemphis

    Internet Connection

    I hope I'm asking this in the correct forum. I have the DVD add-on for PhotoShow 4.5. I'm using Windows xp. When trying to burn a DVD, twice, it gets very close to finishing but then a message pops up that "a connection to the internet" wasn't available & it quit. Sooooo, I have to restart it & since I have almost 400 pix in the show, it takes another 3 hours. I was connected through Firefox although I had disconnected from AOL. Why does it need an internet connection anyway? Thank you.
  25. BarbaraInMemphis

    Internet Connection

    Thanks. It successfully burned the second time. It's just irritating to be so close & then to have to start it all over. Oh well, such is life. Just out of curiosity, why does it need an internet connection?