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    Photo Show 5

    My last PhotoShow that I created for a school project contained about 350 pics with clip art, text, and music. After burning the DVD, I played the disk on the TV. About one-fourth through the presentation the music stopped, yet the pics continued. This also happened last year, so the advice from the customer service people was to change the song, The First Noel, to another choice. With that done, the show continued, yet the show paused once again. The song was changed as suggested, which then created a successful DVD with the majority of the DVD's burning in the correct manner. Some though would pause the music and the pic, yet after about 30 seconds start-up again. Since no one in the customer service department will respond to my question even though I have a so called "ticket" number... has the problem of one song working over another happened to anyone else? If so, then how do you know which songs to use? The program even was reinstalled which did not seem to matter one way or another. Any suggestions???
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    Photo Show 5

    Well, the Photo Show program was reinstalled on both computers thinking that the lib... would be taked care of. Unfortunately that did not happen!!! After the reinstall the lib... returned. So back to the music problem. What gives? You asked for the ID information, yet did not return to the initial problem of the songs stopping. What suggestion do you have for that problem?????
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    Photo Show 5

    System is XP Version is 5.0.3 Build number is 2046 The other problem that seems to occur is the following: In the final stages of burning an error message will appear - libxml2.dll - unable to locate component - Once the OK button is clicked the burning will continue. The final process will then take about 10 minutes to finish. This occurred on two computers both operating on the XP system. What gives with that? Do I have the lib... error fixed as people on-line suggest? One entry indicated to leave it alone? Is the error message dealing with the program? Any suggestions would also help.