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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Prior to posting, I had searched the registry with JVPower Tools, Tune Up Untilities 2008 and through Windows (regedit), searching for both Sonic and Roxio. The only enteries are Legacy and can not delete them and dont appear related to installation- mostly emulation keys. Using Windows Install Clean Up, Add/Remove Progs. and other system uninstallers (Revo, CCleaner), I can find no trace of Sonic or Roxio installations. Really baffling. The Sonic BackUp MyPC, and this is just plain weird, starts up when I go to the task bar, right click and scroll to the top, to "ToolBars," the installer initiates right when the mouse touches the "Toolbar" carrot. It does not start when touching or clicking onto any other selections (right clicking th task bar: Properties, Task Mgr, Lock Task Bar, Cascade Windoww, et) only the Toolbar selection at the top...... I am at a loss. Would uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Installer help? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks. J
  2. Thanks for the reply and suggestion- already tried the Windows Install app. Nothing there. I can not find anything related to Sonic or Roxio and the #$^@ installer keeps starting at boot and when starting some apps. Any help appreciated. j
  3. HI Thanks for any help. A couple of years ago I had, for a brief time, EMC 9. I never installed, or even knew there was a program made by Sonic included, so this error is particularly a surprise. The Sonic installer starts upon boot up and when starting several applications. The first window indicates that WIndows is configuring Sonic Backup MYPc The next tries to instal but stops with a message stating that the "Installation package can not be found" and to "try installing again with a valid copy of the installation package." I have search the C: for entries Roxio and Sonic and find nothing. In a registry search for Roxio and Sonic I find several Legacy entries for Roxio that I can not delete and nothing unser Sonic. Really getting annoying. Hope for some help with stopping this installer. Thanks J