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    Toast 10 Titanium Does Not Burn To Blu-Ray Media

    I did succeed in burning a DVD to Blu Ray format. (Works in my Sony BluRay player, not in my other DVD players). I was unable to burn using Blu-ray Video option in Toast 10, but used the BDMV folder option, and it worked. I had taken my iMovie file into Toast, encoded in Blu-ray Video option, save as Disk Image. I took that disk image and certificate into BDMV option, and it burned ok. Sad to say, I cannot see huge difference from the DVD just burned using iDVD. Files were mostly from Canon HF G10 at highest resolution 1920 X 1080 resolution. Thanks for your help. I will use this technique for now, save on the Blu Ray Burner purchase.
  2. Frank42

    Toast 10 Titanium Does Not Burn To Blu-Ray Media

    Thanks. I will try that sequence tomorrow. When I saved as disc image, it saved a certificate and BD file. Did not see anything with .toast as file name. I'll go through it all again tomorrow and see if I can figure what I did wrong.
  3. Frank42

    Toast 10 Titanium Does Not Burn To Blu-Ray Media

    Thanks. I have the blu ray plug in for Toast 10 and when I tried to burn a blu ray it said there is a problem with the source material. I next saved as a disc image, and it shows up as a blu ray file. That will not burn as blu ray, but burns as AVCHD disc. I cannot see any difference between this and the regular DVD from iDVD. I started the movie by importing highest quality files at every step, and camera was highest HD quality. Thanks for all your time on this and other Toast issues.
  4. Frank42

    Toast 10 Titanium Does Not Burn To Blu-Ray Media

    I have been reading this with interest, as I am contemplating purchase of a Blu Ray Burner for my new iMac. I have burned movies with iDVD and Toast 10 in recent years. I just got a new iMac (no DVD drive), and have succeeded in installing old iDVD to it, and using external laCie burner. Working well, but with my HD video camera, am looking at doing Blu Rays. I don't fully understand the conversation about Blu Ray burning on regular DVDs. I accept that my movies can be short (nobody else wants to see long ones), but don't understand if I have to get a Blu Ray burner too. Most of the ones available do not state support for Apple OS, although I suspect they work ok. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Frank42

    Could not record... Result Code = -18768

    I am having AVCHD Archiving problems, and Roxio is no help. I can do AVCHD Archives from 8 gig cards on Canon Vixia HF10, but the 16 gig cards do not work. Message says only 98 movies or slideshows permitted. Can you explain where you are converting to 16bit encoding? Thanks
  6. Frank42

    AVCHD archive error

    Thanks. I am not sure where he is setting the bit rate. ?In the camcorder? I can't find a way to set it in Toast. My problem only occurs with the 16 gig card, as the 8 gig cards recorded at the same settings work fine in the AVCHD Archive mode. My latest response from Roxio "help" was that Toast is not an editing program. They don't seem to read the help tickets.
  7. Frank42

    AVCHD archive error

    I continue to get interesting but not helpful answers from Roxio. When I copied the 16 gig card to the hard disk (most recent suggestion), and then try to make an archive, Toast will not recognize it as a "camcorder". Therefore Toast will not make an AVCHD Archive. It will only record under one of the other DVD options, which then is not suitable to download into IMovie. I have about given up, and will use my Canon DW-100 to write my AVCHD Archives, which then can be directly used for IMovie. (Canon cautions about using archive discs in other players, but mine work in the IMac as well as a LaCie Litescribe which is several years old). Perhaps Canon was cautioning about use in DVD players, not computers.
  8. Frank42

    AVCHD archive error

    The latest suggestion from the Roxio support staff was to use Double layer DVDs, so only 2 would be needed to archive from 16 gig card. Again the message was "only 98 movies or slideshows can be recorded, reduce number" There is something in the software stopping this. I bought the Canon DVD writer, and it does the job well. Although the Canon instructions caution that some DVD players cannot recognize the archives, the AVCHD archive discs from the Canon can be read in the IMac as well as a LaCie burner I have. They can be taken right into IMovie same as when a camera is plugged in. Although cost of the Canon burner is a bit high, it just WORKS, and my time is worth something.
  9. Frank42

    AVCHD archive error

    I have updated my help ticket twice, and get referred to knowledgebase (which as very general suggestions about burning), but no direct answer. I have tried various tactics to reduce file, but always have problem with 16 gig cards. Has anyone else gotten any information on this archive problem?
  10. Frank42

    AVCHD archive error

    I have been trying to do this too, with no luck. I copied files from "STREAM" folder on card to the desktop, but it would not archive as AVCHD. What am I doing wrong? Thanks 5:10 PM I returned to see if anyone replied, and found my note in another thread. This is in reference to archiving AVCHD files from 16 gig card.
  11. Frank42

    Changing Pictures Used For Buttons?

    I am learning about the DVD program, and can't find the "select" button mentioned in help to change background picture in menu. How do you change it? Thanks
  12. Frank42

    Does Toast 9 Support Imovie 5.0.2?

    Many thanks. I will give that a try. I am very new at doing things outside the Apple programs, and have been struggling to deal with the Canon AVCHD files and making a movie.
  13. Frank42

    Does Toast 9 Support Imovie 5.0.2?

    On a similar note, can you use the iDVD features to set up the DVD, or do you just get a recording of the Movie, without the options, slide shows, etc? Thanks.
  14. Frank42

    Avchd On Dvd--weird End Action...

    I have been unable to write the AVCHD files from my CanonVixia HF100. (Flash memory card and internal memory). I wanted to do simple archive to DVD, and it will not write them. I am not experienced in this, so may be in wrong menu. When I load into Mac iMovie, the files become huge, so that is also an archive problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Frank42

    Canon Xh A1 Not Recognized

    I noted a similar issue when trying to burn a back-up DVD from Canon VIXIA HF10. The video will load into iMovie as HD, but trying to make an archive DVD from the flash memory doesn't work. Apparently doesn't support the AVCHD file type.