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  1. The version I am running is Build 135B90A Operating system is 32-bit
  2. Same thing happens just get the Roxio banner and then nothing...
  3. Hi I find that the program shortcut on the desktop does not work. Comes up with the Roxio logo and then dissappears and then nothing.If I go into programs and select each individual application they work fine. Can anyone help please.
  4. Hi When using Audio Disc Creator in RecordNow Pro, when I go to identify the tracks it will only allow me to do one at a time. I can highlight them all and it tells me that it has indentified them all but when you go back into the main screen only the first track has changed. Any help anyone thanks.....El Tel
  5. Hi When Using RecordNow I open up Music Disc Creator and when I try to add audio files there is nothing showing in my folders although I know that there are music files there. Any help anyone.......El tel.
  6. Hi Brandon Just for the record I decided to do a custom install and I did not dotnet frame and everything seemed to work just fine so it looks like it has sorted it out. Many thnaks for your replies and help......El Tel
  7. Hi Brendon So far Roxio Support just asked me for details about the operating system and the disc drives, memory and vido card etc. Sent all that to them and since then I have heard nothing which is quite annoying really as I have paid good money for the software and it does not work....thanks.
  8. Have done all of what you mention and still the programme will not load...It says it has finished but there is nothing loaded of the programme at all....thanks.
  9. Hi Have just purchased and downloaded RecordNow Music Lab 10 and tried to install it. It runs through the process very quickly and then says rolling back and then says finished but it has installed nothing. Have contacted Roxio support but that is like trying to communicate with the Man On The Moon. Any help anyone....please.