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    Previewing Show And Music

    Thanks again. I take your point about Photoshow's main objectives and focus, but disagree that the program would need to be a professional editing tool to fix this issue. As stated above, Microsoft's Photo Story 3 is able to sync the audio. It is by no means a professional program. It is a free download that offers only some very basic Ken Burns type effects (as they have come to be known). Now Photoshow 5 is far more visually appealing, and offers many more great customizable options, but audio sync can be achieved in non-professional programs and I for one would be very pleased if this is a direction that you were to follow with future versions. I wont add any more comments to this thread as I feel you have given more than reasonable responses. I thank you for your time.
  2. jwylie

    Previewing Show And Music

    Ok, thanks for the reply, but I am not doing a large show (20 photos so far and one 3 min audio track), I am not publishing it online, (just on my own PC so far, and that is where it will stay if I cannot fix this), and I have about 1.5G of RAM/2 Ghz processor which should be enough to power a little show like this. Your own spec is # 700 MHZ processor or faster # Hard drive with 1GB of free hard drive space # 512 MB RAM or more. Pity help you if you are running PhotoShow on that PC... I know you say Photoshow was not designed with detailed audio editing in mind, but I wouldnt really consider this a lot to ask. If you have the ability to add music to shows, why would you not want to synchronize it? Microsoft do it with a stripped down free program like Photo Story and it works well. If that program included video, I might never have downloaded Photoshow in the first place.
  3. jwylie

    Have I Downloaded All The Files ?

    Hey, sounds like you used the free online version. I think that must be different to the standalone software you download and buy because my retail version does not have many of those themes you mentioned either. Not sure why they are different, but they are different. Hopefully we will see some more of these themes added to the retail versions soon.
  4. jwylie

    Previewing Show And Music

    Thanks. I guess that is always an option, but it may just have to be a stopwatch for me. Sure is a quick way to get to hate a song though. After 100 repeats to check where you are, even the best songs lose their appeal! Its just that after using something like Photo Story 3 (a free MS download) where you can preview half way through a music track, and get an on-screen timer, that Photoshow gets a bit frustrating. Still, Photo Story 3 is not as whizzy and only does photos, not vidoes. Maybe a fix will come in a future version. Jonathan
  5. A lot of my slideshows are done in time with the music or have elements that match the lyrics of a song. This means editing the display time of a given photo/video to match the musical accompaniment. I can do that by changing the number of seconds each photo or video is displayed for. However, if I go back to preview my changes I have to watch the show from the beginning to see if it fits the music where I wanted it to. If I click watch from here, the slideshow will start from that photo/video, but my music starts from the beginning of the track instead of the chorus or lyric I want to hit with a given slide. The longer my slideshow is, the more annoying this is. Am I missing something? Is there a way around this? Thanks
  6. jwylie

    Music Timing

    Ok, I expect there is no way to change this but if there is a workaround I would love to hear about it. When I add music to my slideshow, I click on the first photo and select play from this photo until next setting (or from this photo and whatever), but the music does not start from that photo, it starts from the intro credits. Any way to delay the start of the music? Thanks. EDIT: I have tried starting the music on the second photo instead of the first. That takes the music out the intro credits, but leaves a big pause on the first photo with no music. I then set the first photo to only display for 0.3 seconds so the music can start on the second photo but on the eye candy setting I am using that looks a bit clumsy. That may be the best i can do unless someone else has a suggestion. A music timeline would be nice... DOUBLE EDIT: Fixed it, so I will share in case this helps anyone else. I made the first photo after the credits a black 1024x768 slide with no effects, no background, no music. Set it to 0.3 seconds as above, and started the music on the second photo with effects and transitions applied. So, after the credits rolled, there was a brief black moment, and then the fun starts, with music and effects, on the second photo (which is really the first). Phew! Sorry for the ramblings...
  7. jwylie

    Widescreen Tv

    Hey, sounds good. So, will adding 16:9 functionality be an update to PS5 or a brand new version we will have to pay for? Also, is 'the future' likely to be the near future or just sometime in the future? Thanks
  8. jwylie

    Widescreen Tv

    All well and good, but with HD tvs pretty much a universal standard now, you would think Roxio could do a quick patch and at least give us the option of burning to a 16:9 format so that pictures and videos are not distorted so much, and at least fill the screen of a widescreen tv without black bars. I am not sure you can even still buy 4:3 screens any more, and if you can, you soon wont be able to. Give us 16:9 support Roxio!