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  1. cortig

    Write Speed Dropped With Version 11.1 (1072)

    OK, I just made another test. Instead of simply deleting the .plist I uninstalled the app using AppDelete to scrub all sign of the application. I reinstalled and tried again and this time, the write speed progressvely rose with peak write speed at 14x :-) Quite a difference. I didn't check the average write speed at the end bit the DVD was written in 4-5 minutes which is something I had not seen for a while with this build… Corentin
  2. cortig

    Write Speed Dropped With Version 11.1 (1072)

    Sorry for my delayed answer but I did not have immediate access to the Mac. I perfectly understand what you mentioned about the write speed at the beginning vs. the end, but the write speed remains low throughout the operation (unfortunately). Corentin
  3. cortig

    Write Speed Dropped With Version 11.1 (1072)

    I trashed the .plist, made sure the prefs were set to write at 12X and things somewhat improved a bit, but not by much. Now writing at an average of 3x :-\ Corentin
  4. cortig

    Write Speed Dropped With Version 11.1 (1072)

    I that note, when I tested back with build 1063, it was using the exact same settings as when I was using 1072… So it's yet another reason why I really don't think it a simple matter of having the right speed selected. Corentin
  5. cortig

    Write Speed Dropped With Version 11.1 (1072)

    I have tried to play with that already since I also suspected it could be an easy culprit. I manually selected to burn at 12x and it still wrote at 2x very unfortunately. It indeed looks like 1063 had a write speed issue since I wasn't able to burn any faster than 8x, but it looks like the solution that was implemented is not a good fit for my setup :-/ Corentin
  6. Hi All, I recently updated my install of Toast from build 1063 to 1072 and immediately noticed that something was wrong. Toast is now consistently writing my DVDs at a speed of 2X max (over 5 DVDs I wrote today). I reinstalled 1063 to check and even though the burner is qualified for 16x and the DVD-R I am using are too, it's burning at an actual speed between 5 and 8x. Not great, but already quite a bit better. Is that a bug in the new version? Any suggestion? Corentin
  7. cortig

    Streamer Wants To "re-convert" My Iphone .mp4 Videos?

    Thanks for the clarification. It still doesn't explain why the conversion process doesn't take place for me, but it's a new lead. I'll probably try re-encoding using lower bitrates.
  8. cortig

    Streamer Wants To "re-convert" My Iphone .mp4 Videos?

    I see. It's a bit sad since the iPhone/iPod Touch doesn't require it. It's happy with 480x<360 and adds the black bars automatically. Regardless, in my case at least, no rescaling seems to be taking place :-\ Thanks for your persistance in trying to assist me with this issue though,
  9. cortig

    Streamer Wants To "re-convert" My Iphone .mp4 Videos?

    Streamer is set on “High” for me and the imported .m4v movie (transcoded through Handbrake) is in 480x256 (which shouldn't require re-encoding). Importing the movie triggers a progress bar, but once it is done, there is nothing in the main UI, and the application takes up lose to no CPU (which makes me doub it is re-encoding anything). As I previously mentioned, the file does get copied to the Streamer folder, but that's about it. There is no discernable sign of activity once the movie is imported. I can confirm that it's not just the main UI not displaying the movie by checking the Streamer URL which indeed shows the list as blank, There is nothing wrong with the movie itself. I can play it on my Mac and on my iPod Touch BTW. I'm wondering whether my problem and Robingo88's couldn't be related: Streamer tries to reconvert these movies (even though it shouldn't) and in my case, it simply fails to launch Toast to do so. Is it what it's supposed to do to convert the movies? If I launch Toast first, then import the movie in Streamer, nothing really happens in Toast either. (Later) Well I can see that if I import a movie that is not in a compatible format, the behavior is quite different: Streamer doesn't display anything at first (no import progress bar), but Toast is triggered and starts converting the file. Clearly not the same thing. It does look like there is a problem with files that are already in the proper format and should not require re-encoding.
  10. cortig

    Streamer Wants To "re-convert" My Iphone .mp4 Videos?

    Thanks. I read the Tutorial. I also read the Help files adn all other posts on the subject I could find and couldn't find what I was doing wrong. The first tutorial emphasizes transcoding (which sholdn't be required for iPhone-ready movies) and the second one is on Streamer iitself. I never even get the imported movie to show up in the main UI listing.
  11. cortig

    Streamer Wants To "re-convert" My Iphone .mp4 Videos?

    According to the PDF Help file, Streamer shouldn't have to re-encode anything in this case. I tried importing similar movies myself and the app doesn't seem to re-encode anything, but the movies never appeared in the main interface. The movie files are copied in the proper Streamer folder, but the app behaves as if nothing had been imported at all. So far I haven't been able to get it to work at all…
  12. cortig

    No Sound When Converting Avi Files To Itouch

    Audio can be tricky. Do you know what codec has been used for Audio?? Two file types give a great deal of trouble for audio: - mpeg muxed files (QuickTime can't re-encode the audio — and Toast uses QuickTime for transcoding. EyeTV exports files like that) - AVI files using Windows Media Audio. Another common format would be AC3. You need a specific codec to transcode this one I believe. You can use VideoSpec to figure out what audio codec has been used in the original file.
  13. cortig

    No Sound When Converting Avi Files To Itouch

    Basically if you can play it in QuickTime player, you can transcode it to whatever format Toast supports. You should be aware of one thing though. You probably have a nasty QuickTime codec conflict on your Mac. DivX, XviD and Perian cover more or less the same base of DivX-related files (XviD is outdated, DivX often provides good quality but supports only a limited number of formats, Perian has the largest spectrum as far as file formats are concerned, but quiality for playback is a little behind). In your case, I'd probably only keep either the DivX decoder component or Perian and I'd remove XviD. It's sad that QuickTime doesn't allow you to select the plug-in of your choice for a specific file type when there is an overlap like that.
  14. cortig

    Update Dumped Toast9

    I would delete the folder that's in the Applications folder and drag and drop the one form the update disk image again. The Disk image has the full package. It's not "updating" per se, it's replacing the previous version with 9.0.4. Corentin
  15. cortig

    I Can't Get An Avi To Burn With Audio.

    Can you play the .avi in QuickTime Player?? You could use ffmpeg X or VideoSpec to try and determine what has been used to encode the audio of your file. Once you figured it out, you might find a proper codec allowing you to play it (and allowing Toast to convert it to MPEG-2 for your DVD). I suspect it might be some format of WMA that Perian doesn't support. If it is the case, you can probably use the Flip4Mac VMW codecs (the free version allows you to play WMV and WMA, but only the paid version will let you transcode to a different format — you might need to buy the paid version to make your DVD).