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    Failure To Launch/open

    I have been using the software for several weeks and last night in the middle of creating a photoshow it shut itself down indicating an internal error. Since then I have been unable to launch the application. After the logo/screen appears it beeps and says: "ASn unexpected error has occured. Photoshow will now close." I am running Windows XP so I am not sure that the other instructions I have seen on the posts will help (some of the icons/directions are different). Thanks for any help in getting this running again - I am not sure if uninstalling/reinstalling will solve the issue or just be a temporary fix. Thanks! Matt
  2. Hegemonic50

    Burning Shows to DVD

    When attempting to burn a photoshow to a DVD-R (4.7 GB) the process takes a long time but usually ends up telling me that it has failed to export/burn the DVD. How can I find out the size of the photoshow that I have created prior to starting the export/burn process? Thanks!!