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    Toast 9 Hd/bd Plugin And Commercial Blu-ray Discs

    Nope, no way to watch Blu-Rays on Mac yet.
  2. So essentially you're using MPEG Streamclip to mux audio & video together, and saving it as a transport stream, which allows Toast to burn without re-muxing? Interesting, I'll have to give it a try, hopefully Toast 9 will behave in the same way. Thanks for posting.
  3. Jasonaug

    Compressor To Toast To Blu-ray

    Cool! Can you please post the Compressor settings you used to encode the video? And you're using Toast 9 or Toast 10?
  4. Jasonaug

    Compressor To Toast To Blu-ray

  5. I've tried every which way to encode with Compressor for Toast Blu-Ray, and it can't be done. Encoding for HD-DVD or BLu-Ray in Compressor results in audio/videos files that, when muxed together by Toast, gets corrupted and results in blocky, breaking-up video when played back. I don't know if Toast 10 is any different.
  6. Jasonaug

    How To Keep Chapters Markers From Final Cut Pro.

    No, you cannot use Compressor to encode and avoid Toast recompressing for Blu-ray. You SHOULD be able to, but you can't. I've tried it every which way, and either Toast re-encodes, or screws up the video when it muxes it together with the audio and produces unusable results. This was with Toast 9.02. I have not yet tried with 9.04, but I haven't seen anybody post on here with working results yet.
  7. Jasonaug

    Compressor To Toast To Blu-ray

    Yes, I've created MPEG2 in Compressor and then sent it to Toast for authoring a Blu-ray. Toast did not re-encode, but when it muxes the video and audio together, it results in a blocky, skipping unusable video stream. I've also been able to edit P2 footage@ 720p, 59.94 and export from FCP as Quciktime using current settings, then have Toast encode & author to Blu-Ray successfully. But there is just no way to use Compressor to encode anything for Blu-Ray that Toast can use successfully without re-encoding. I would love for somebody to prove me wrong, though.
  8. Jasonaug

    Compressor To Toast To Blu-ray

    Does anybody know the Compressor settings to do this without Toast re-encoding? I honestly don't think it's possible. I've tried every which way to encode with Compressor for Blu-Ray, both H.264 and MPEG2, and have been unsuccessful. It technically SHOULD work, but Toast either re-encodes H.264, or screws up muxing the MPEG2 and makes it unusable. What's the secret here? Has anybody successfully done this? HOW?
  9. Jasonaug

    Ps3 Conversion Does Not Work

    1) If you don't see your video file on the SDHC, press the OPTIONS button, and select "Display All" 2) Make sure your PS3 firmware is up to date. Version 2.4.1 is the latest, I think.
  10. I have used region 1 Sony 300 and PS3 to play Toast-burned Blu-Rays on DVD media, with success. The Sharp also did not work for me.
  11. Jasonaug

    Dolby Digital 5.1 Downmixed In Toast 9

    Here's what you need to have in order for Toast to mux the video and burn to DVD without encoding: 1. Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 audio file 2. MPEG2 video file If you have Apple's Final Cut Studio or Final Cut Express, you can use the Compressor program for encoding your video to MPEG2.
  12. Jasonaug

    Bluray Burning Woes/ Skipping!

    I usually check the video in Toast Video Player first, before even going to the PS3. You can usually tell if it's going to skip by the way it plays in Toast Video Player.
  13. Jasonaug

    Bluray Burning Woes/ Skipping!

    If you're burning a Blu-Ray to a standard DVD media, keep the avg. bit rate set to no higher than 15 Mbps. I don't beleive there is any way to burn bBlu-Ray with Toast WITHOUT Toast doing the encoding and muxing. I've tried various settings using Compressor to encode and Toast to jsut do the muxing, but it skips like you described. I don't think anybody's found the magic workflow yet to encode outside of Toast.
  14. Jasonaug

    Blu Ray 5.1 Audio In Toast 9

    But so far it seems there's no way to use any other software to encode something, that Toast won't re-encode or that will play successfully after Toast formats it.
  15. Jasonaug

    Blu Ray 5.1 Audio In Toast 9

    Nope, not doable. Toast re-encodes everything to stereo.