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    Bias Is Messing Up Audacity

    Well, I'm down to two window before Audacity opens, and it's working now. I've deleted the BIAS app manager, and I can't find any .plist files for audacity or BIAS. I've also deleted BIAS from the Systems Preferences. I guess I'll be happy with only two windows popping open now. SoundSoap still works, so let's see how it goes.
  2. civex

    Bias Is Messing Up Audacity

    Hi, Tsantee. BIAS authorization manager is looking for SoundSoap 1.x, which I no longer have. It wants me to enter my serial number for SoundSoap, which it thinks is in an expired trial. I have authorized SoundSoap 2 for Toast, and it works fine. However, opening Audacity gives me the expired trial for SoundSoap 1. I can't figure out how to delete SoundSoap 1 from the BIAS auth manager. I've deleted the soundsoap VST files, but no joy. Is there a way to delete the trial from the app manager? Is there somewhere on my Mac that the traces of SoundSoap 1 still reside that I could remove? Many thanks for your help. Roxio's support people have completely failed to provide any information and are useless for this problem.
  3. civex

    Bias Is Messing Up Audacity

    I have SoundSoap 2, which came with Toast Titanium 11 Pro. SoundSoap uses BIAS authorization Manager. BIAS is now defunct. http://www.bias-inc.com When I try to start Audacity 2.0.4, a free Mac sound editor, BIAS thinks I need a license and starts popping up windows demanding that I either enter my registration number or buy a license. Eventually after I click cancel on the several windows, Audacity starts, but the menus are greyed out. How do I get BIAS to stop recognizing Audacity? OS X 10.7.5; Audacity 2.0.4; SoundSoap 2.
  4. civex

    All My Disks Are Named "rhythms Of The Nile"

    :-> Sorry. Here's a link to a photo of a 1500 or 1600: http://www.toadhallcars.com/CarPhotosWeb/datsun1600.jpg I used to live across the street from someone who collected Austin-Healeys, so I should have known. Okay, thanks again for the info.
  5. civex

    All My Disks Are Named "rhythms Of The Nile"

    Nice Datsun - is it yours? Okay, thanks for the answer. So it's an OS thing. I assume I turned on the CD database feature in iTunes? I'll have to look to see how to turn it off, now that I'm digitizing my old cassette collection.
  6. I have copied some of my tapes to my Mac, and I'm trying to burn them to CD. I was using Toast 9, but all my disks were named Rhythms of the Nile, by Hossam Ramzy. I copied the tapes using Spin Doctor, and there's one long track the length of the entire recording, which is fine with me. I then send the file to Toast, tell it the name of the CD, name the album and artist, and then it burns an audio CD called Rhythms of the Nile regardless of what I've told it. :-> I have 3 or 4 different albums on 3 or 4 CDs all called Rhythms of the Nile when I put them in my Mac. Any clues?
  7. I bought the upgrade from 8 to 9, and I've downloaded it several times, restarted my computer, used Safari and Firefox, but the resulting .dmg file won't open. Error -199 if unzipped by Archive Utility, or codec error if unzipped by StuffIt. Used the email page form for query, but no answer as of today. How do I get the file, please?