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    Burning Multisession Dvds (data)

    OK thanks. I kind of hoped that someone would come up with good news, but it looks like it won't happen. Thanks to both of you for your replies.
  2. timskywalker

    Burning Multisession Dvds (data)

    "bump" ! Hi again, while frenchtoastwithjam's replies were quite helpful in understanding the situation about DVDs, multisession and the Mac, I'd like more infromation from other ppl, preferably from users who have already tried to burn such discs. Any thoughts/ideas/comments ?
  3. timskywalker

    Burning Multisession Dvds (data)

    Thanks for the quick reply. DVD discs written in the UDF format ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Disk_Format ) should be able to have several sessions written to them, at least with some revisions/variants. However, according to the same article, Mac OS X 10.4.5 will not mount UDF discs with a VAT, and the only way to bun multisession DVDs seems to use UDF with a VAT (don't ask me what this means) ... looks like I answered my own question :-( My problem is that a former Windows user has asked on Apple Discussions ( http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=419215 ) why he couldn't write multisession data DVDs on his new PM G5, and claims that he was able to do so on his Windows PC.
  4. timskywalker

    Burning Multisession Dvds (data)

    Hi ! I'm trying to find out whether Toast is capable of burning multisession data DVD discs. Is it able to do that ? If yes, will these discs be Mac-only or will they be readable by a Windows and/or Linux PC ? Are other versions of Toast, like Toast Lite (version 6 or 7 - if there is such a thing as Toast 7 Lite), capable of doing the same thing ?