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    Label Creator Emc 10 - Smart Obj / Auto Fill

    Having same problem as CaptnHowdy. Performed clean install per instructions; ran without background apps; tried reinstalling under new user account with admin priviledges; updated DirectX and still can't get Label Creator to autofill. The enable music database section under Tools>Options is still greyed-out/inaccessible. The lower half of the window is accessible, however. Music Disc Creator and Suite have no problems playing nice with Gracenote...track info downloads just fine. There appears to be a bug in Label Creator. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks! EMC 10.1 under Vista Ultimate
  2. Just installed the 8.05 update, but when I check About>Help the old version is still listed (Build 800B85C...NOT Build 805B30B). Any ideas?
  3. I tried updating both ways...updated online as well as downloaded the update and tried it manually. Had same problems.
  4. Yup, ran into similar problems after the install. Creator crashing, Label maker not retrieving tracks from the internet, update manager still thinking I have updates... Had to do a system restore to remove the probs. This is the second 8.05 update issued. After the problems with the first one, you'd think they would have figured it out. This one seems to be worse. Now we wait......