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    d2d disc full

    It does not seem that d2d works with disks made using d2d associated with EMC 8. I have EMC 8 on one computer (Windows XP SP2 and IE6) and disks written via drag to disk can be added to via d2d but on another computer I have EMC 9 (Windows XP2 SP2 and IE7) these same disks can not be written on. The error message with EMC 9 says that the disk is write protected. In fact properties shows the disk is full as one would expect with a write protected disk. I can put a "clean" disk in the drive (either of 2 drives) and use drag to disk with no problem. I can write on the disk using d2d and later add to the contents of the disk again by using d2d. I have both EMC 8 and EMC 9 installed on my hard drive of the 2nd computer. In addition I have what appears to be drag to disk software listed seperately in the list of programs displayed using "add and remove programs." This is not the case with the 1st computer with only EMC8 installed. Any ideas? Don Cochron
  2. donald_cochron

    loading EMC 8 on a new machine

    Paul Hey thanks a lot. That worked. However in the process of transferring files from the Dell4400 to the Dell E510 I lost that 8meg update that makes EMC 8 really work. Guess I'll have to go through that download ordeal again. Thanks again, Don Cochron
  3. donald_cochron

    loading EMC 8 on a new machine

    Thanks. I'l give it a try and let you know. Don Cochron
  4. donald_cochron

    loading EMC 8 on a new machine

    I bought a Dell E510 from the Dell Outlet Store. It had several Roxio programs already loaded. I had EMC 8 loaded on my old computer a Dell 4400 and it loaded there and worked just fine. (I had moved through the progression of EMC 7.0 and EMC 7.5 to 8.0. with no real proble except the huge 8.0 update which also loaded and worked once I got the thing downloaded through dial-up.) When I try to load EMC 8 on the E510 I get the following error message while the installer is writing system register values: "internal error 2753 slm_dispatch.dll 3D53BFF2_45D1_9CC4_C21C3 F657599." I tried to install EMC 8 without removing any of the already loaded Roxio software. Got the error message. (Also along this first install I had to delete Sonic DLU.) I then removed all of the Roxio software and tried again. Same error message. I'm stumped. Any suggestions? Tried to contact Roxio but could not get through their convoluted access process. E510; Intel 4 processor 650 w/HT Technology 3.4 GHz, 800FSB 2 GB DDRs Dram 533MHz Windows XP Media Center 2005 256 nVidia Geforce 7300LE TurboCache 250 GB EIDE hard drive 16xDVD+/- RW w/dbl layer write capability 16X DVD ROM drive
  5. I did not have trouble installing EMC8 however I did have troble downloading 8.05 (slow dialup). That download once completed installed ok - I think. At least I have not found anything that I tried that did not work. Don
  6. donald_cochron

    Large Size Of Download Emc 8.05 - 114m

    I found out that Roxio has a "restartabel" connection at last and I was able to use GetRight (a download program) to download 8.05. I had to let the thing run from 9pm last night until about 9am this morning (it restarts when my ISP drops the line) and I think I got it all. I installed it but have not tried it yet to see if it works. I am leaving EMC 7.5 on my computer to fill in the holes. Also found out that you can get a update too large to download from Customer Support at 906-482-5200 from 9am until 6pm EST. There is a small charge according to Roxanne. I have been using EMC since 6.0 and it has always seemed like Roxio relaesed the software before it was thoroughly tested. It's like they release "beta" versions and all of us test it for them - not unlike Micrposoft. Don Cochron
  7. donald_cochron

    Large Size Of Download Emc 8.05 - 114m

    The update 8.05 is a fix for problems in EMC 8.0 and not an upgrade really. I purchased 8.0 just three weeks ago which was an old release apparently. Later in this board there appears to be one with a real problem with 8.05. He says it does not work. I was hoping that when Sonic bought Roxio things would improve. Looks like its the same old thing. Don
  8. I live in a really rual area about 20 miles from the switch. BellSouth and/or ATT only has dialup here and no intention of installing DSL at this time. The best I can get most of the time is 28.8 and the download site for the updates indicates a 20 hour time to download 8.05. My ISP (ATT) will not stay with me that long even though I have unlimited access. All the above is by way of explaination of why I need to purchase update 8.05 for EMC 8.0 in CD form. Any way of doing this?