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  1. This is helpful...thanks. But, one question: When you exported your movie out of Final Cut Express, I know you sent it as a Quicktime file. However, which codec? Was it the AIC or H.264 codec. Let me know. Thanks, MAGMA
  2. So, here's the kicker...I am missing something. I tried two tests. I encoded from iMovie as a Quicktime movie, h.264 at best settings. Imported it into Toast, burnt it as a blue-ray...set at "best", DVD, everything as default. Played it on my blue-ray player...looks good 95% of the original quality so we're almost there. But, I want the original 1080i quality and I am sure there is a way I can do it. So, I tried the following based upon a couple of replies in the forum: I encoded from imovie as a Quicktime file, AIC, setting at best, set at 1080i. It encoded quickly (as it should...it's an AVCHD file from a Canon HG10 Camcorder). Imported into Toast and noticed on the import screen that the AIC movie is being imported as 1440 X 1080. When I go to the actual file a "Get info", it shows it as 1920 X 1080. Why is Toast importing the AIC file as 1440 x 1080 when it is encoded as 1920 x 1080. It is not playing as 1920 x 1080 either? Incidentally, I also imported the h.264 one, and it imports (and burns) correctly. I am a little new to all these MAC apps and new encoding practices. Am I missing a setting here that allows that AIC file to be imported at the correct resolution? Toast folks...can you help a guy out? I want my quality to be 100% of the original. Thanks, MAGMA