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    Eject Disc

    Yes I did ask a question and thought would get an answer that suggested what options were - not the one you gave that could have been left un-said!!!!
  2. ginnpr

    Eject Disc

    If I eject the disc using the eject option get the blue screen - if I just push the button on drive and remove do not get this problem - thanks for any replies - I know some replies are several months ago - just thinking perhaps newer suggestions!!!!
  3. ginnpr

    Roxio / Sonic

    In the Sonic Folder there is "my dvd and reccord now" in the Roxio folder there is "DLA' which I replaced because Sonic info told me what I had was outdated and to log on and get updated - and it took me to Roxio. Thanks for your help
  4. ginnpr

    Roxio / Sonic

    I could not use Sonic for Backups - finally d/l Roxio - Does Roxio replace all of Sonic programs - as a few are still left on my system Thanks