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    Mpeg Files To Dvd?

    I have a mpeg file (it is a movie) on my hard drive and I would like to burn it to DVD. Can I do this with EMC-8? If so, which program do I use? Thanks, Tom
  2. mhscu

    Emc 8.05

    I purchased EMC 8 REV C from COMPUSA (retail)??
  3. mhscu


    Here are my spec's - thanks for the help... Tom
  4. mhscu


    I just installed EMC8 (just purchased at CompUSA). A couple of other DVD writing programs I use no longer work now and the system now requires me to use the power off button to shutdown hard (UGH). Any idea's?
  5. mhscu


    Several have requested I post my system info, but I am not exactly sure where to post it... do I use the notepad?? By the way, I uninstalled EMC8 and now everything works fine as before, so I will need to start fresh. How will I know a packet writing program from another... is it an .exe file or something like that in each program? Wish I was smarter about this kinda stuff... Thanks, I appreciate everyones help...