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  1. Just added a few new plugins from Waves to my Platinum collection for Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and Toast 14.2 Pro. Because Waves has updated their install app, I had to re-install all my licensed plugins to both of my iMac computers. On one of the computers, all the Waves plugins show up in the Toast effects menu. On the other one they are missing. I have tried removing the prefs docs, copying the app from the working computer to the other one and re-installing Toast 14 Pro and then the 14.2 upgrade but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks for your response. Warren Kahn warren@banquetstudios.com
  2. Warren Kahn

    That Old Question: Gaplessness

    I have the same problem. This is unbelievable that gapless is not possible. I have an album with cuts that flow right into the next and with Toast 9.0.5 or older versions of Jam on either a Snow Leopard, Leopard or Tiger Macs, they all put audible gaps between the tracks even when set to 00 and Disk at once. I have tried to get someone at Roxio to respond with no luck. Very poor customer service. Frustrated, warren dennis kahn President Banquet Studios
  3. Warren Kahn

    Audio Cd Space Between Cuts Added In Toast

    YES DAO mode. warren
  4. Warren Kahn

    Audio Cd Space Between Cuts Added In Toast

    I master quite a few audio albums using both Toast and Jam. I recently had a master I assembled which had files that were to flow seemlessly into each other with no spaces between each cut. Once assembled, there was a noticeable gap of less than a second even though I selected 00 time between cuts and had no CD frame offsets in the settings. I had to transfer the files to an earlier version of JAM which did not put gaps into the master. Has anyone had this experience or does anyone know why Toast is inserting these delays in the tracks? This cost me 3 hours in redoing the job before discovering the problem was in the new Toast 9.2 warren kahn
  5. Warren Kahn

    Audio Cd Space Between Cuts Added In Toast

    It was in both the preview and the burned CD's. Thanks for your interest. warren