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    Audio Cd

    Many thanks Digital Guru. I will give dougscripts.com a try. jzach52
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    Audio Cd

    I just burned an audio CD using Toast 10 Titanium and titled it "Oral History". When the burning was complete, I quit Toast and inserted the CD in my computer to listen to the audio. Instead of having the TITLE I used for the CD, it had a musician's name ("Brian Regan") on it, however the sound was what I had recorded. Can anyone clue me in as to why it has Brian Regan instead of the intended title - Oral History. I don't have any songs by Brian Regan in my iTunes library. Thanks, jzach52
  3. jzach52

    No Audio With Slide Show Movie

    I have the same problem burning a slide show with music using TOAST 8.0.4. I opened TOAST 8 and under the MENU item under EXTRAS I selected Motion Pictures. When the next menu opened I had the option SLIDE or MOTION. I selected SLIDE It then allowed me to drag my photos in and arrange them in order and add several music scores from iTunes. When I had all the photos and music I wanted I burned it to DVD. All went well, but when I played it in my computer after burning the slides had the motion (Ken Burns Effect) I had selected but no sound. Is this a TOAST 8 thing or a Digital Rights Management thing? Thanks jzack52