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  1. romad

    Toast Titanium 16 Install Hangs

    It has been sitting on the "Verifying "Toast Install 16(4739).pkg"... for over 10 minutes. Is there a way to bypass this verification step? mid-2011 iMac with Mac OS 10.11.6
  2. romad

    New Purchase vs. Upgrade

    I just received an email from Roxio offering me Toast Titanium 16 for $49.99 (this was a limited time offer). As a longtime user of Toast, I went to see what the upgrade price would be and discovered it would be $10 cheaper to buy it as a fresh purchase, so I snapped it up and am glad I didn't upgrade earlier. However, this begs the question as to why Roxio didn't lower the upgrade price, to say $39.99, for the length of this limited offer?
  3. All I can find is a comparison between 16 Titanium and 16 Pro. I DON'T care about the Pro version, but I'd like to know what has changed from 15 to 16 in Titanium. If Roxio doesn't post such a comparison, then that tells me nothing major has changed in Titanium and version 16 was released just so Roxio can fool their customers into paying a second time for what they already own.
  4. romad

    Feature Comparison With Toast 14?

    Where can I find a comparison list between Toast Titanium 14 and Toast Titanium 15? I searched the knowledge database with no result.
  5. romad

    Toast 14 Announced

    System Requirements still says it is only partially functional with Mac OS 10.8 and does not even mention 10.11. How can it be fully functional on 10.7 and 10.9 but only "partially" on 10.8 which is basically a "clean-up" version of 10.7?
  6. romad

    Toast 14 Announced

    I received the same email today. What I want to see is a comparison between Titanium 12 and Titanium 14 to see if it worth buying the new version less than 6 months after buying Titanium 12. Most reputable companies give you a free upgrade it you bought the previous version within 6 months before the release of the new version so I want to see what Roxio says.
  7. Hmmm, sounds like Roxio has pretty much gutted it. My primary usage is disc burning (copying, making data discs, etc., and CD Spin Doctor for cleaning up vinyl/tape conversions. Thanks for saving me $$$!
  8. Where can I find this? I did not get Toast Titanium 11 because it was not that different from 10 (it was basically just an update for newer Mac OS versions). Is 12 the same. being just a version that adds support for Mac OS 10.10?
  9. romad

    How Long Is Ev2D4M's "moment"?

    So, any idea as to why Easy VHS to DVD for Mac didn't work on my iMac? RAM? the i5 Intel processor? Mac OS 10.7.5? Oops, just saw your PM. Thanks, I'll try that if my VHS>DVD-R>iMac workaround doesn't work. Oh, BTW, I see there is a warning about using the "High" setting due to audio problems; since the VHS tapes I'm trying to convert are some I had made from 40+ years of 8mm & Super 8mm film that didn't have audio, would it be OK to use the High setting?
  10. romad

    How Long Is Ev2D4M's "moment"?

    I just moved the Toshiba into the living room and connected it to my A/V system with an S-Video cable. I got a good picture so I'm now trying to dub the video on to a DVD-R disc. If that is successful, I'll then see if I can rip the DVD to my iMac so that I can try to extract the video scenes I want.
  11. romad

    How Long Is Ev2D4M's "moment"?

    The Getting Started Guide says that after capture, the video is saved in the Easy VHS... folder inside my ~/Movies folder. Well, it is there, or rather two copies are there: one is an MPEG (.mpg) file of 4KB, and the other is an MPEG-4 (.mp4) file of 63MB. But neither of them can be opened by either Toast, iMovie, QuickTime Player, VLC; I'm told that the file format is unsupported or unrecognized.
  12. romad

    How Long Is Ev2D4M's "moment"?

    Actually, I made a mistake - this new Toshiba unit automatically starts playing when a tape is inserted, so the first sentence of post #1 is "inoperative" (to quote Ron Ziegler). The video signal DOES come through when it is supposed to do so, i.e., in "Play" mode. I had to buy this new unit because my Panasonic VCR recently decided to not display a clear video signal, my Mitsubishi SVHS unit packed up a few years ago, and I hadn't gotten around to buying a new unit to replace them. The Toshiba was a rush buy because it was all Best Buy had.
  13. romad

    How Long Is Ev2D4M's "moment"?

    Posts #1 & #2 above pretty much cover it, but I'll copy them here: The video signal IS getting through the S-Video cable to the video capture dongle in the setup since I can see it in the small setup screen; I'd have to move the VCR to the living room to connect it to a TV. BTW, I found the tutorial video on this website and it shows the processing during the "One moment please..." screen as just zipping by; perhaps my mid-2011 2.5 GHz iMac i5 isn't powerful enough to do a conversion? It only has 20 GB of RAM; maybe I need to up it to 32 GB? Any other info you need?
  14. romad

    How Long Is Ev2D4M's "moment"?

    Project was a total fail - 7.5 hours wasted. I can't open the files created by EV2D4M with any other software OR even with EV2D4M. Final .mp4 file size for 2 hours of video was 63MB; .mpg file size is 4 KB (yes that is right, KiloBytes) Is anybody here?
  15. romad

    How Long Is Ev2D4M's "moment"?

    OK, I finished a 120 minute VHS tape about 2.25 hours ago and a screen with a progress bar and a phrase "One moment please..." appeared. I checked the progress bar and it is about 45% of the way across; based on this, it looks like it takes the software 2.5 times the duration of the recording to process the recording. Is this correct? Also the user guide included in the EV2D4M package doesn't mention this screen or processing. Mid-2011 iMac running Mac OS 10.7.5 Easy VHS to DVD Mac ver. 1.0.5 Toshiba DVR620KU VCR S-Video connection High record setting