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    Suppress Bouncing Icon On Audio Import?

    anybody else?
  2. Hi, I just upgraded to Toast 11.2, and every time I import an audio CD, the icon on the dock bounces with every song that gets imported. This is very annoying & distracting, and I haven't found a preference to suppress that. Is there a way to turn off that bouncing icon on the dock?
  3. bbowens

    Batch Convert .sd2F To Bin/cue? Toast 9

    well, this looked promising, but for some reason the album name didn't come with the exported song titles when I import them into iTunes...
  4. Hi, I have many music cd's that I have copied to .sd2f image format with Toast, and now I'm getting ready to put them into iTunes (installed on a Windows PC). The way to do this (to the best of my knowledge), is to load them (each disc image, one at a time) into Toast and then save them as bin/cue files, which can then be mounted on the pc using Daemon Tools; then, iTunes will import the music. Question: is there a way to automate this in Toast? otherwise, I'm going to have to repeat this over and over again for each disc image. thx in advance!
  5. bbowens

    Retain Video Clip Size?

    so far, I've found mpeg1's. Also, I think what I'm after is "overscan borders," if that helps nail down what I'm looking for. I'll follow your suggestions, as well. b. -----
  6. bbowens

    Retain Video Clip Size?

    Hi, I like to collect clips like mpg's (which are often 320 x 240) and then compile them into a DVD disc to watch on a 4x3 television. The problem is that they "stretch" to fill the tv screen, and become pixelated. Is there a way to retain the clip size when encoding and have the rest filled with black when playing on a tv?