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  1. MPPais

    Windows 10

    With Windows 7.1 the software was activated. I did the free upgrade to Windows 10 and all is OK.
  2. MPPais

    Windows 10

    DVDit! Pro HD works like a charme in Windows 10!!!!!!!
  3. MPPais

    6.4 Version Number

    It was na error. Mine is DVDit Pro 6.4 641B03A.
  4. Hi Maik W. Japanese site has a new version nº 6. I don't the features. Normaly the new version come only for japanase market like like tis market is a beta tester. Than, when the yhe new vesion has no probleme they put it for all World. Send them an e-mail to Support team asking about your question. Good luck! Yours, MPPais
  5. Maik W. Look this post: http://forums.suppor...-hd-pro;-owner/ A possible soluion: Note: Removed link to pay for software software that does no more than Creator. This is considered SPAM and is not allowed on this site. Yours, MPPais
  6. MPPais

    Program Won't Open

    Have you a security image of your old disk? If so, you must install your new disk with this image. It was my solution:. with the same number of partitions and the capacity for disk C: (systeme)!!! When we activated DVDit! the server did a hidden file wlth many features. So the new disk has not this hidden file and DVit! don't open. If you don't have a security image: a) send an e-mail to Support asking Help (look at my post about DVDit!' Owner...) or b)change to another soft (Information to competitive software removed. You have a trial version ). c) Also you can try this http://activation.ro...me/Default.aspx but I am not sure if it works. Maybe...Good Luck!!!
  7. MPPais

    Dvdit! Hd Pro; Owner

    Walt, You are right! Today we have very cheap software with many features that DVDit! HD Pro don't has!!!!!!! DVDit! HD Pro has all pontential to be a renew software for authoring: Indeed it's a crisis or a dead product? We must wait. Yours, MPPais
  8. MPPais

    Dvdit! Hd Pro; Owner

    Thank you sknis for your opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours, MPPais
  9. MPPais

    Dvdit! Hd Pro; Owner

    Today we don't know who is the DVDit! HD Pro owner. Corel? Roxio? Sonic? Others? It will be very important to know this subject!!! The users don't know if they are working with a dead product or similar...some thing who rocks but not has a reponsable for updates, contacts and so. Please explain us the real situation about this software who was very expensive but is also very importante for many of us. Thank you! MPPais
  10. MPPais

    Windows 7 Issues

    Hi IVP, My version is 6.4 641B03A It was released before Windows 7 Pro (64bit).
  11. MPPais


    This is a very important rule: DVDit! HD Pro don't love to transcode.... You must export your files (video and audio) according project settings that you before authoring must choose.
  12. MPPais


    Hi Jim, Procoder has his own preset for DVDit! Pro HD.
  13. MPPais

    Windows 8

    Thank you for your answers! With Windows 7 Service Pack 1 DVDit HD Pro worked very well.
  14. MPPais

    Windows 8

    Has anyone experienced DVDit! HD Pro with Windows 8? Thank you for your reply!
  15. My workstation has Windows 7 Professional 64bit. DVDit! HD Pro works very well. Good luck!