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  1. I'm considering trying DVDit Pro HD again. One thing that I would find very useful is the listed ability to pass-through 5.1-channel and 7.1-channel LPCM audio on a BD. I have been waiting for the cability to output 5.1-channel, 96-kHz, 24-bit LPCM audio for a while - would like to lose the AC3 artifacts. Unfortunately, when I look at the DVDit Pro HD user's manual and then scan through this forum, it appears that DVDit Pro HD doesn't support multichannel LPCM. Is this true? Certainly the user's manual (in this forum's pinned section) specifically states that only mono and stereo LPCM files won't be transcoded. Multichannel is only listed for AC3 files. Before purchasing I thought I had better confirm whether or not the latest version of DVDIt Pro HD supports multichannel LPCM?? It is very confusing to see the advertisements that say it is supported and then the user's manual that says it isn't. Also, will 1080x720 ts MPEG2 files be transcoded if they have embedded AC3 audio within the ts file? Thanks in advance for the answers. Andy
  2. ALK3997

    Various Dvdit Pro Hd Errors

    My learning continues...This error was caused by my use of an program stream .mpg file instead of elementary streams. Once I used elementary streams, the error with the menus went away. Near as I can tell, the reason for this was that the video was never copied (only the audio was copied) from the program stream. Andy
  3. ALK3997

    Various Dvdit Pro Hd Errors

    After reading (and understanding) some of the above comments, I actually have a set of files that are not transcoded by DVDIt Pro HD. I've tried both 1080i and 720p files. Once I understood that there really are two different messages (DVD versus DVD/Blu-Ray) for incompatibility, I realized I was wrong with my earlier assessment of transcoding. So, that was good. Unfortunately, my next step was not as good. When I tried to add menus, I hit some problems there. I have sent an error report to Roxio support and hopefully they will be able to provide a work-around or correction to what I'm doing. Here are the details from what I sent Roxio. If anyone has any idea of how to fix these problems, I would appreciate it. I even went back to an older load (just after XP was installed) and restored my boot drive with that load but that did not change anything. If I burn a 1080i file without menus everything works properly. However if I use a menu from the templates, I get audio transcoded (video didn't need it) and then "creaing titles". The progress bar never moves on creating titles but instead after around 3 minutes I get an "End of file - 10003" message. The burn then stops which prevents me from doing any Blu-Ray burning with menus. Another problem that appears most of the time when I end DVDit Pro HD is that I get an error message of: AppName: roxio dvdit pro hd.exe AppVer AppStamp:45eee2eb ModName: unknown ModVer: ModStamp: 00000000 fDebug:0 Offset: 0000000 I can then send the error report and finally shutdown DVDitPro HD.
  4. ALK3997

    Various Dvdit Pro Hd Errors

    Thanks for all the responses. I'll start slow with a small file and a BD-RE and see what happens. I'll append once I understand a bit more about how DVDit works.
  5. ALK3997

    Various Dvdit Pro Hd Errors

    So, if I understand your response correctly, there really isn't a way to tell if the original file is being transferred to Blu-Ray unaltered. The goal for all this is archiving. I would like to make sure what I put onto the BD hasn't been MPEGed a second time when there isn't a reason to. So far what I've found is that Nero 8 has the best indication of transcoding required and seems to "tolerate" the widest variety of settings before transcoding. DVD-Architect 5 also is very good at indicating when transcoding is required but also seems to think almost everything requires transcoding. DVDit Now HD doesn't seem to have a true indication that transcoding is required (other than a ubiquitous warning message) and I really can't tell if it is transcoding just based on time. Am I missing some type of indication other than the message which says a file may need transcoding??? I'm just finding it hard to believe there are no other indications given the amount of documentation pages devoted to explaining what settings to use to prevent transcoding. Like I said before, I'm underwhelmed for the amount of money this program cost. Definately getting that buyers remorse feeling... Andy
  6. ALK3997

    Various Dvdit Pro Hd Errors

    Mr Luck, I wasn't actually blaming anyone, just stating some facts. It really would have been difficult to append what I did without having burned a Blu Ray disc first. I hope I didn't offend you with my comments about the quality of the programming. For the record, I own Vegas Pro/DVD-A 5.0, Nero and a few shareware programs for producing Blu-Ray discs. They all have their own quirks. I purchased DVDit Pro HD in hopes this would be a better piece of software. Pricewise it is certainly with Vegas Pro and word around the forums was that it could produce BD-Rs without transcoding. So I was hoping. And yes, I think I stated that transport streams didn't work which I read in a previous append (after trying it). What I was asking is why .ts isn't supported? Also why should adding a transport stream cause the entire program to die? It seems better programming practices could help that situation. Having a c drive seems to keep a lot of DVDit Pro HD problems from occurring. However I really placed those comments in my append to let other people without c drives know of this pitfall and save them some time. And finally, what dialog box? I don't think I saw a dialog box that had anything, other than a generic statement, in it. I would like to know where this dialog box is so I can learn about how to make the files compliant. I believe that was my question in the previous append. However, you are correct about one thing. In my line of work we produce software that human lives directly depend upon. So I do often look at unnecessary bugs maybe more critically than others might. Thanks for your reply. Andy
  7. ALK3997

    Various Dvdit Pro Hd Errors

    I have to admit after paying close to $300, I'm a little underwhelmed by the number of errors I've received from DVDit Pro HD after purchasing this morning. The first was a runtime error that caused DVDit Pro HD to go belly-up and crash. I sent a bunch of error messages to Microsoft while trying to debug that error. The error occurred when the imported file was transferred to the timeline. It turned out if I transfer a transport stream (.ts) file to the timeline the error occurred. If I transferred elementary streams, the error went away. Why can't DVDit Pro HD handle a simple thing like importing a transport stream? I tried this with two differently created files to be sure it wasn't the original file. Then converted the file to elementary streams and everything worked. The next error was when I tried to burn the disc. As soon as the burn was ready to begin, I got a "File Not Found" error. After reading a bunch of different forums, it turns out that DVDit Pro HD requires a c: drive. Huh? My boot is off of e:, so I moved one of my compact flash drives to c: and everything works fine. That really should be corrected. Now to my question (finally) - When I send a 30.070 mbps (ave) video elementary stream to DVDIt Pro HD, it says the file is not compliant (I assume Blu-Ray). It is a 24-minute VBR file at 1080i resolution. I then try to burn the file, but I can't tell if it is being transcoded. I think it is because the amount of time to process the video is about 30 minutes. Can someone give me a guide as to what to look for to indicate a video is being transcoded versus a video stream that is being left alone? There are very few clues in DVDIt Pro HD apparently. Not yet convinced that this was a good purchase... Andy