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    Toast 9 / Itunes Conflict?

    I think I've solved the problem! It appears that housing the iTunes library on a HDD located in an external enclosure was causing the problem. I have a Sonnet 500P 5 drive enclosure connected to my MacPro by e-Sata using a Sonnet Tempo E4P serial ATA host adapter for PCI Express, installed in a PCI Express slot in the rear of my Mac Pro. This is where I housed my iTunes library originally on a dedicated drive within the enclosure. However today I've put my iTunes hard drive into one of the empty bays of the Mac Pro and this seems to have cured the problem. I am assuming something here was causing a conflict , maybe the PCI express card or something similar. This might be useful to someone else. Cheers Doug
  2. DigiDoug

    Toast 9 / Itunes Conflict?

    No, this started before 7.7 was released and I have yet to upgrade (I like to see how new releases bed in first). I am on iTunes 7.6.2
  3. DigiDoug

    Toast 9 / Itunes Conflict?

    Thanks, I have also lodged a ticket with the Roxio technical support system. The only option they have offered so far is to un-install Toast 9 and Deja Vu from Propaganda (anybody know why?), and then re-install. I did this but to no avail (I didn't re-install Deja Vu though to see if there was some conflict here). I spent all day yesterday burning discs with Toast 9 quite happily with iTunes not running. Then last night as a test I switched iTunes on (not even playing) and within 60 seconds Toast 9 had crashed. I tried changing the Media Browser too, but made no difference. I was backing up photos all day using Files and left it on this last night when I re-launched itunes and it still crashed. It is so repeatable that I'm staggered that others haven't seen this. D
  4. DigiDoug

    Toast 9 / Itunes Conflict?

    Hi Gundark, Thanks for that. I bought the boxed version which came as 9.0.2.(261) and ran the Software Update which said I was all up to date with the Toast Software. I'm wondering if it is something I did when I moved my iTunes library to a separate hard drive, but it seems to me that it is definitely a conflict with iTunes that is causing the crash as I left it all last night with no crash at all and launched itunes this morning and Toast crashed almost immediately. Doug
  5. DigiDoug

    Toast 9 / Itunes Conflict?

    Hi, I've just bought Toast 9 having been using the Finder to burn CDs / DVD/s quite happily for years now, but I like the spanning capability and the cataloguing that Toast offers me. However having installed the software this morning I had a number of crashes, quite often with Toast just open and not actually burning DVDs/CDs. I am almost exclusively going to be burning back up data discs (I am a photographer). However I think I've noticed a correlation between Toast crashing and iTunes playing tracks through my external speakers. I can't find any reference to this in the forum and wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I started this morning on 10.5.3 but on the advice of the support pages updated to 10.5.4 including all the other recommended software updates. This seemed to fix the problem but at the time I had plugged the speakers directly in to my iPod to play the music as I was having to do several restarts to install all the new software. It was when I started using iTunes to play my music that I kept having crashes, and again I quit iTunes burned several discs quite happily, before restarting and experiencing crashes again. I can't be absolutely sure but I think that it mainly happens when iTunes is changing tracks or just after. Whilst logging in and typing this post (I am a slow typist!) I have left Toast open and iTunes closed and it hasn't crashed at all, but just before it crashed a number of times whilst I was playing all the shortest tracks in my iTunes library. Any help appreciated as I can't get through the day without music. Cheers Doug