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  1. I have noticed in creator NXT3 Pro MYDVD there are some images in jpg and png format to use as buttons in the software. Is it possible to make your own buttons in photoshop and if so how and where to put created assets? Kindly Rod
  2. Where is SS Scott when you need him
  3. I saw in a previous post there is a way to delete a hidded file and add a new one with roxio support please let me know what to do anyone 8(
  4. Same here, been using DVD IT PRO HD for 9 years now, after a windows update suddenly asked me to activate the product. It then said Invalid product key as in pic above, I know th key is right as I re registered it and it was accepted. Im using v.6.4 641B03A and i have multiple diskd to create for my business. Please please help, i dont want software support just the ability to activate or clear the activation. I bought the software for permanent use not limited to 9 years. There must be a version or a fix for this please some kind person must be able to help 8(. roddy.mcmillan@ntlworld.com
  5. Roddy

    As_Storage Error -97060

    AS_Storage error -97060 keeps popping up?, im on ntfs drives, bluray writer using latest firmware. When I try to write the image to dosk with DVD It pro HD it gets so far then bam AS_Storage error -97060. What does this error mean I have burned 5 coasters now so defo no faulty disks. I have reburned the image with DVD it Pro HD so cant be the image HELP? Roddy
  6. Unfortunately when you you go to compile a disk image you are not given any feed back as to progress other than the green bar telling you is doing the video or doing the audio. It would be great to see details of what is compiled, compiling and to be compiled with an ETA time. This way people watching the progress of the compile can see roughly whats done and whats to be done and even get a ball park figure of when its complete. Roddy
  7. Roddy

    Vista support

    As you have stated yes it did work on Vista (just finished the compile and playback) here are a few tips to help others that may have encountered the same difficulties as my self. My project was with *.m2v mpeg files and sound was wav 44 khts. I used premiere to export the Mpeg and sound files separately. My first hurdle was DVDIT Pro HD wrote the image BUT couldnt identify my BR RW blank, I got message saying no valid recordable media found. I made sure i was up to date with firmware on the Super Multi Blue Drive, installed the upto date Sonic Record Engine (PXEngine) from Roxio site (linked in a post). But after a restart, still no Recordable media found even though definately had a blank 25GB format BR RW i the drive which was also working. I decided to uninstal DVDIT Pro HD, then reinstall. This was the trick, obviously I had installed DVDIT first then later added the Blu-ray drive so after the reinstall it picked the drive up no probs. My next hurdle was I created A BR RW image as the medium VBR settings and went to burn disk and select the *,gi image file (smallest one). I got a message saying this image is incompatible with this media, I scratched my head and tried creating a normal BR R image to write to my BR RW but again to no avail. I retried another BR RW image but still invalid image for this media. I went to the forums and followed advice from a couple of posts, firtly I altered the DVDITPRO HD icon to run in XP service pack 2 compatibilty mode AND when I ran the program ticked the box at the bottom "Open DVD", I immediately noticed my file size on the BR image was reported as having much more space now? I went to burn image, selected BR RW (same as image) selected the small *.gi image file and hey prezto burned fine, I have watched the disk and no error plays fine! Hope this info helps some of those who have run into probs. As alwas there seems to be a work around or a fix. Many thanks Scott for your support again! Regards Roddy
  8. Roddy

    Vista support

    If you walk into PC World (one of the largest sellers of PC`s in the country) you will find you cant buy machines with XP any more. For those of us who have upgraded to better machines to handle large file sizes needed for HD or HDV then unfortunately we have no option but for Vista. Vista supports 8GB memory whilst XP supports 4GB maximum and 1/2 gig of that is for the system. Whilst we appreciate it takes time to understand the new Vista SDK and implement the changes required to make DVDIT Pro HD compatible with Vista we also wait with anticipation so we can continue to work with your software. I personally am suffering as I run DVDIT Pro HD for business reasons and am stuck until the software works wih Vista. Im trying many different ideas to try and get it to work correctly and will update this thread if I find a solution. One annoying aspect for me is the *.gi image created for Blu-ray when other standard burning software uses *.iso and *.p2i for HD images. I would be eternally grateful if these formats could be included for Blu-ray image creation in future updates. Is there a rough ETA for 6.5 or Vista compatible DVDIT Pro HD? Regards Rod
  9. Roddy

    As Storage Error-97011 !

    Hi John, We too develop DVDs and film for a business and like you have had no problems using DVD IT Pro HD with DVD authoring and burning. We like you have also upgraded to the Blu-ray format and chosen DVDIT Pro HD as our Blu-ray authoring software based on the solid results we have had. Unfortunately yes, there are a few glitches with the software and were trying to find solutions and workarounds. Im pretty sure one reason why we have incompatibilities is due to several changes being made to the Blu-ray format itself since its release to the public and commercial market as a new medium. With regards to support, I have found I have always received excellent feedback and support especially from Scott and I would ask you to send a pm message direct to him. I get the impression he is in USA time of operation so try in the evenings UK with your pm`s. If we find any solutions we will certainly post them for you and all other DVDIT Pro HD users. With regards to compliant video, can you export Mpeg2 vbr 1 or 2 with 15,000kbts VIDEO ONLY, then export the audio as WAV or MP3 and add this to the time line in DVDPRO HD. We have found this solves a few problems, a. the video plays back beautifully now as opposed to sluggish in the Simulate mode and we also get sound when previously didnt when sound was embedded with the movie. I hope the dev guys on the project will come up with solutions to these problems but amm persevering like you 8). Roddy
  10. Roddy

    As Storage Error-97011 !

    Hi, I had the same problem but fixed it thus.. First make sure you erase data on a BDRE (ReWritable disk) so its formatted and blank if your doing a test on a BD-RE disk. Create image .gi files by exporting your project making sure you use the correct BD-R or BR-RE settings also go into project settings before you export and choose HD tab, then select medium 15kbs sec option. Export your 2 .gi files. Go the "Burn Image", select from file and select your small .gi file of the two. Make sure you select BD-R or BD-RE at this point as if you leave the DVD up on dropdown window you will get the error. I was getting the problem as I didnt change the DVD dropdown window to BD-RE. Burn your image. Fingers crossed this helps. Roddy
  11. Roddy

    Great Results!

    I discovered this whilst going through trying to get some kind of work flow set up for HD with HDV and DV footage. I use Canon XHA1 cameras and normally film in DV. However I have obviously grabbed some HDV footage to author to a blu-ray disk once I got my Blu-ray burner and DVDIT Pro HD. The demo I created was of my new born son (2 weeks old) and our dogs. One of my dogs is a 12 year old Rottweiler, has been diabetic for 4 years and still going strong. Unless you don't know the average age of a Rottweiler is 10 - 10.5 years some a bit older so getting two insulin injections a day for 4 years and being 12 is a miracle for us. I decided to capture some footage of him to have a good memory when he departs this world. The point I`m getting at is I made a demo disk in 1920 x 1080 resolution. On the beginning I used several clips filmed in DV "720 x 576" and HDV "1440 x 1080". I edited to show DV footage first then wiped the same image over with the HDV footage so people could see the difference. Whilst doing this the wife said can you do a normal DVD for me and my dad as well, so I exported a DVD image of the project from DVDIT Pro HD. Now heres the great part. When I put the DVD in a normal standard DVD player after burning the image from DVDIT Pro HD, Up came the DV footage looking quite nice. I was expecting the HDV footage to look identical as it had been down converted to DV from HDV format but guess what! the image went crystal clear and it loked like it had been filmed on a really high end camera in higher res than DV although it was being displayed on a normal (non HD TV) from a normal DVD player. Just so some boffins out there may want to try this, I exported the DV footage from premiere as DV AVI and exported the HDV footage from premiere as Adobe encoder/ Mpeg2/ VBR 2 pass/normal 15,000Kbts with no sound. I then exported the sound as a wav file. I imported the files into DVDIT Pro HD and added the sound file under the footage. Im amazed that the quality exported from DVDIT Pro HD from a HD project to a DVD project and will be using this technique on some high end corporate stuff for DV. So well done guys! Top Banana! Roddy
  12. Roddy

    Cant Burn .gi Image File

    "from Scott" You use DVDit Pro HD to write the GI to disc. Use the Burn pulldown, choose “burn disc” change to “from Image” and then choose the smaller of the two GI files. Should burn that to your BD disc with no problem. Thanks Scott! Roddy
  13. Roddy

    Cant Burn .gi Image File

    Scott many thanks for the new updated DVDIT Pro HD, however I now have a new problem.. In version 6.3 when you burnt a blu-ray image to disk it was in .iso format. Now with the 6.4 version it saves the image as a .gi file. How do I burn that image file to a Blu-ray disk? I have imgburn and power2go and neither support gi files. I also have a burning software that came with my Super Multi Blue - Blu-ray disk writer. It requires images in .p2i or iso format. I am vaguely aware that programs such as "ClickNBurn" or "Recordnow Max" can burn .gi files however I dont think I should have to go out and buy a new disk burner to burn my Blu-rays disks when iso is a format supported for burning blu-ray disks. Please help. Roddy
  14. Roddy

    Has anyone pressed yet?

    Scott I would be greatful if I can get a 6.4 version as im struggling here to author Blu-rays disks that work and making many coasters at great expence. Best Regards Roddy