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  1. I recently got a Mac mini and I connected a USB External Hard Drive to it (which also has sharing enabled but is still connected directly to my Mac mini) and I installed Toast 10 Titanium onto the Mac mini and pointed the Streamer program to a folder within the shared hard drive. Whenever I reboot, or login to Roxio Streamer, even though it says that it's connected and streaming it doesn't display any of my Roxio Streamer converted movies neither in the local Streamer Window, nor remotely through the internet/iPhone App. I was streaming these exact video files before from my MacBook, but now that I had my Mac mini take over Toast 10 Titanium it doesn't seem to work since not even my local Streamer Window is displaying any of the videos that exist within the folder that it's pointing to. What should I do to resolve this single problem?
  2. Since the Roxio Streamer is not automatically updating its movie list, I'm also not receiving email notifications when new movies are ready to be viewed remotely. How do I fix this problem?
  3. JFraser1

    Streamer Doesn't See Any Imported Video Files!

    1)I already verified that both Toast, and it's accompanied Streamer, are both pointing to the same folder where all of my movies are indeed stored: '/Movies/Streamed Videos'. Now, I realized that when I reconvert the iPhone-ready movies (by iPhone-ready I mean that they've already been syncing/working between iTunes and my iPhone) manually with Roxio's Converter that then they are seen locally, and streamed remotely through the Streamer program, but oddly enough, when I import them directly into the Streamer they don't require/launch Roxio Converter since they recognize them as being Streamer-Ready, yet they still don't stream under that circumstance. Now, when I import non iPhone-Ready movies, they do in fact activate Roxio's Converter and all is well, but if my iPhone formatted movies also require re-converting by Toast, then why when I import them directly into the Streamer does it not redirect them first to Toast's Converter like it does to all my other movies that don't work without the additional conversions? 2)Is there any way to restore those older, more preferable, usernames that were only utilized on my current mac that I no longer have access to that I know no one else is using since their URLs don't prompt for even a password?
  4. JFraser1

    Streamer Doesn't See Any Imported Video Files!

    No. That's the day that I joined the Roxio Community.
  5. No matter what kind of video file I import (iPhone movie, etc.), regardless of whether or not that Roxio converts it for streaming first, my Streamer just doesn't see them. I verified that my Streamer is pointing to the correct directory. I even tried changing the directory and re-importing the files several times. I repaired disk permissions several times. I fully uninstalled/reinstalled Toast 10 several times (with AppZapper and by manually deleting any other files associated with the program [as explained by Roxio's support website]). I even reset Spotlight to make sure that it's properly indexing all of the files on my hard drive, but still I can't find a single resolution to either of these 2 proceeding problems: 1) The Streamer isn't seeing any of the video files that are imported into it, not even from its local window {MY PRIMARY CONCERN} 2) I can't continue to use any preceding usernames for my personal URL that I just created a couple of days ago. Any advice outside of methods that I already employed would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I successfully repaired the Disk Permissions but still 1) I can't use any prior usernames (for the URL) that I was using a few hours ago for Roxio Streamer 2) My Roxio Streamer, even locally from within the window, is not seeing any of my imported iPhone video files Any additional advice would me much appreciated...
  7. The videos don't even show up period in the Roxio Streamer even though they successfully transfer to the correct directory after I add them to the Streamer Window. Would you still suggest a directory repair via the Disk Utility with the info that I just provided? Also, what about the fact that several URLs/accounts that I was using before I upgraded to Toast 10 from Toast 9 are now no longer accessible, even though no one else is using them? How do I fix that problem?
  8. I just upgraded to the latest version of Toast Titanium 10 with Streamer 2.0 but whenever I add iPhone compatible videos, even after converting them for streaming with Roxio Toast, they don't display locally in the streamer window on my computer, nor do they stream remotely online. It appears that the problem is local since the Streamer isn't even seeing the videos directly from the folder that it's pointing to so I presume that there might be a corrupted file or a communication problem of some sort. Can someone help me with this?
  9. JFraser1

    Iphone Movie Conversions

    Hi. I recently used the Roxio iPhone Conversion tool to convert Blade for use in the iPhone. The video file ended up compressing to approximately 340 MB and then I imported it into the iTunes Library into the movies category. Then when I tried to sync the new movie (and bear in mind that I already have many in my phone) it said that this movie is not capable of playing in my iPhone as is, and hence it prohibited the synchronization of that file. Now I'm converting it a second time directly through iTunes to get it to be actually compatible with my iPhone. Has anyone else been experiencing the same sort of problem? Has anyone found a viable solution yet? Please let me know...