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  1. "Try this and follow it to the 'T'! http://forums.suppor...tx/#entry349276" I did exactly that. I had to download the second link twice because the first was corrupted? Could not extract on the first attempt but everything went fine on the second attempt after redownloading the file. When I ran the file it said not enough disk space, sorry I did not capture that. I am at the point I have to abandon this effort and count it as a loss. I am no longer pursuing this. I had a copy of 2010 version from another computer and it just now installed in well under 2 minutes without a hitch. My wife wants her computer back as I have spent considerable time trying to get her creator installed. This is not the first attempt either so as I said, it is a loss for us but thanks for the willingness to help, time spent on it is the issue. Much thanks, Keith
  2. Thank you for responding, I did not see an error message other than it was interrupted. I had attached the files but will repeat it. Thanks again I know you are probably busy LogFile 13-02-01 09-33.zip
  3. Hi, We purchased this product for this computer perhaps 2 years ago. When this computer was new it failed to install but would install on an older computer with Windows 7Home Premium 64bit so I think I ruled out a bad download of the product. The 2011 pro has been uninstalled from the other computer and we no longer have it. I decided once again to install it on this computer and get the same results I got when I first purchased the product. Maybe you can help. Windows is up to date, I disabled all in msconfig startup and disabled internet connection as well as anti virus. Attached are the log files from the last attempt. I am trying to install to a second internal drive. I have no problems with installing other programs this way. This product would install to a second drive on the old computer. Thanks
  4. Just wondering why on my invoice under product Creator 2010 it lists Windows ME, XP, & 2000?
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    Thank you Steve, I do love my aunt, she is in her 80's and having me do this as a gift for other relatives. I left out that I have a few under my belt since the first slideshow. I have more time than talent but the software has made it easier. Still finding new features. !! And it has made me shout "Identify who is in the photos" They are learning to do that for me. I will take into account the 30 day money back. I might hold off but want a new toy! ha
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    Hi, I made a slideshow for some of my aunts. Since then one aunt in particular has sent me several albums and boxes of old photos. I am currently working on a box and am thinking to upgrade my software to Creator 2010. I want these to be special. Does the new Creator have the same transitions as older versions and does it still have the motion for text such as tumbling spinning and scrolling? I am using EMC 10 currently and I am pleased with it but I am able to upgrade if it offers more features especially in creating slideshows. Any input for consideration would be appreciated. Thanks, Keith
  7. Ok, I think then that I might fall short in the graphics hardware or something. I have checked everything for updates and says I have latest drivers. Might just be my computer then. But it does work great with Aero turned off. My WMM when trying to burn with Windows DVD maker would also fail although I know my DVD burner works. I have onboard graphics. I think my comp might be to week in graphics to run these programs using aero. I say this because they all worked fine before we switched it to aero. What do you think? Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP1 AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 4800+ 2.50GHz RAM 2.00 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE nForce 430 Available graphics memory 831 MB
  8. I have followed all of Roxio Supports instruction for clean install. Some components would not open because it said I had improper screen resolution although my resolution and color was correct. I very nearly decided to uninstall never to come back then changed Windows Vista Aero to Windows Vista Basic and no longer receive the error. First time I could open the components since installing and reinstalling several times. I just wanted to share. I have difficulty with computer because I am fairly new but it seems it should have been easier to find solution.
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    My Dvd

    Thank you, it will work at 1280x960 but everything else is distorted (photos , etc.). I'll just change my screen resolution when I want to open My DVD. Again thank you.
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    My Dvd

    1440 x 900 is my screen resolution with 32 bit color. When I try to open My DVD a window comes up and says my screen resolution is not high enough. I have just followed all instructions for a clean install to solve issue but it persists still. I am not very computer smart. Can you help me. Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP1 AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 4800+ 2.50GHz RAM 2.00