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    Creating A New Default Setting

    Hi, I was having trouble encoding my TiVo transfer files into an AppleTV or similar file wherein the audio was not out of sync. After much digging, I found the solution (change the default framerate to 24fps in the Preferences>Video>Quality). Now, it syncs*. Great. But I'm looking for a painless workflow. I'm not really archiving, just trying to use this feature for multi-room viewing. The reason I automatically have Popcorn convert, is because of deficiencies in the Toast Video Player**, and the fact that I'd like one interface (Front Row) that I can pump everything through. I want it to be painless. Just hit transfer, and I can count on it downloading, popping to the folder I want that is FrontRow accessible and done. However, I can't seem to set it such that my new settings are either saved as a unique new "setting" (i.e. available as a named setting from the pulldown), nor set it as the default setting that will be used when I choose "Pop It" from within Popcorn and/or automatically convert through the TiVo transfer utility. I've combed the documentation, and I don't see any reference to being able to do this. Please help. FOOTNOTES: * I might add I dug this up on a forum by a helpful person somewhere and tested it. Roxio didn't help, and in fact all the forum responses here and tech support answers in general have been essentially: "yeah, that happens to some people. Its a small minority so not a priority. There is no fix." So, they couldn't even give me this workaround. ** The deficiency is that the Toast Video Player doesn't recognize the Apple Remote (or even the EyeTV remote), despite being based on the EyeTV player! The EyeTV video player itself does recognize the Apple Remote. And I'm not talking even the EyeTV version just released, but the older one. I honestly probably wouldn't even bother with the conversion if it did (as I used my iMac as a second bedroom TV as well as computer). I'm sorry, but that is just plain not giving a crap about the product. Popcorn generally has that vibe to me.
  2. iantepoot

    Burned DVD -- Audio and Video out of sync

    The default settings are bugged-up. Change the framerate to 24fps. Seems that the video is encoded at a faster rate than the video, so its out of sync. The settings are found in the Preferences... under the Video tab. Just click the Custom button next to the quality pulldown and change it there. DO NOT let Popcorn choose the framerate. One issue, though, is that this change isn't necessarily persistent. When you choose the "Pop It" option, for example, it will often default to the std. settings. So check it before encoding. Hope this helps!
  3. iantepoot

    audio sync problem

    Although it is irritating (and galling that such an obvious error is not addressed), there is a solution. I dug it up somewhere, and upon testing it does work: SOLUTION: Change your frame rate to 24fps rather than letting Popcorns set it at the 29 and change. It seems that the video is encoded faster than the audio. Changing it to the std. 24fps corrects it, and the video is now in sync. Make sure you aren't letting the program set the rate. You can reach it through PREFERENCES, in the Video tab. Just hit custom... next to the Quality setting. For example, if you started with an AppleTV conversion or whatever as a baseline, then it will now read Apple TV Custom SIDE COMMENT: On my part, and a solution I am looking for, is a simple matter of how to save this "Custom" setting, and make it the default. It reverts every time, and I have to manually set it. Now, I'm looking for an automatic workflow to get things from my TiVo to the Movies folder, where FrontRow can access it. Which, of course, brings up: Why does the Toast Video Player... based on the EyeTV player for cripes' sake, NOT recognize the Apple Remote? This is actually the only reason I even care about auto-conversion -- to use Front Row because of this deficiency. I'm not much of an archiver of tv shows. And I want it painless.