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  1. I have attempted to print track names and album titles directly to a disc on my HP printer HB C5380. I am unsure if this software version is capable of this functionality; the "printer setup" takes me through to a window that allows me to select "CD" as the media, but somehow I cannot seem to print directly to disc. Can you help? Do I need to upgrade to a later version? Many thanks for your help! Basil "O" My software version is RecordNow 10 Music Lab Premier Version: 10.1.119 Build: 111B19C, RNP Serial Number: Deleted (don't post serial numbers) Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 4.4.49b, 26 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Core Version: 3.7.0 Build: 370B89B, RNP Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007