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  1. I also had a "grey photo" that could not be deleted and ended up using the Photoshow anyway (I put in a wild transition to mask it). My latest show has FIVE grey photos that cannot be deleted. They seem to have been created when I was trying to the photos by right clicking. I tried the renaming thing. Didn't work. I am going to try it again with a totally different name. If that doesn't work, do I have to start over?
  2. genie_eye

    Failure To Launch/open

    I am having the same "Failure to Launch" problem. I am running Photoshow 5 with Vista. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and the same problem occurs after installation. I can't get back into Photoshow. A big family event is in the middle of August that I need to create a Photoshow for. Any ideas?