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    Disc Copy Naming

    In Disc Copy, how do I give my new disc a name other than "My CD"?
  2. califgrll

    Toast 9.0.4 Crashes On Burn

    I'm using Toast 9.0.4 (253) on an Intel G5 iMac running OS X 10.5.6 and I'm using the Mac's internal ATAPI OPTIARC DVD RW burner. I had no trouble with Toast 9 until I upgraded OS X to 10.5.6. I can't remember if I was using 9.0.4 or an earlier version of 9 the last time I successfully burned a DVD. OK, here's my problem: I recorded 5:51 hours of the inauguration with EyeTV, then used Toast to burn it to DVD. Toast started encoding the video around midnite and was about 47% completed today at 6:30 am. By 1:30 pm it was 93% encoded. It's now 5:45 pm and Toast says it's still only 93% encoded! According to the Finder, the application isn't frozen. But when I tried to run the Activity Monitor, the Activity Monitor froze. So I suspect something ain't right. I'm going to force quit Toast and try deleting Preferences, etc. as advised in one of the posts above. Meanwhile, I'm really bummed about still being unable to see the inauguration 2 days after recording it because I couldn't watch it live. . .
  3. califgrll

    How Can I Burn A Combined Audio/date Cd?

    The point seems to be that it allows you to record data and audio on the same CD. That is, IF you figure out the steps that are missing in Toast 8's User Manual and Help. Here's how to make the CD: 1. Click on "Audio," then "Mixed Mode CD" in the formats panel. (If "Mixed Mode CD" isn't listed, open Toast's Preferences and in the General pane, check "Show legacy formats & settings.") 2. Drag the desired audio files to the Content Area. 3. Click on "Data," then "Mac & PC" in the formats panel. 4. Drag the desired data files to the Content Area. 5. Insert a blank recordable CD (for test purposes, try this on a CD-RW first). 6. Click the red Record button 7. Click the "Basic" tab, then choose your desired settings. 7. Click the "Advanced" tab, then in "Write Mode" choose "TAO" for Audio & "Write Session" for Data. 8. Now click the blue Record button. I don't know why Roxio skips the "Write Mode" steps in their instructions. Probably a proofreading error nobody noticed because nobody tested the current instructions! Sorry, I haven't tried making a disc image from the CD yet.