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    Blacking Out Faces

    I know this really isn't a solution, but Photoshop CS3 extended allows frame by frame editing of videos, lots of cool effects are possible when you add the world of Photoshop to your video.
  2. Unabrewer

    Menu Screens Are Black

    Windows is set at 96 My video card is the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT driver (rel. 5/2/08) The mother chip is an Intel dual Core2 Quad at 2.40 it should be able to handle anything Roxio can throw at it don't know about the sound card
  3. Unabrewer

    Menu Screens Are Black

    has anyone else had this problem? The menu screens show up fine in the edit window, but when I preview DVD or burn to a dvd, the backgrounds on ALL the menus are black. The buttons show up, the text and preview pictures are there, but the background image is black. ??????? I will get the hang of this thing soon, I promise.
  4. Unabrewer

    File Tree Messed Up...help!

    Thanks guys.......DUH!!!!! This is a shining example of panic at the end of a frustrating day. I will learn to take a breath every once in awhile.
  5. Unabrewer

    File Tree Messed Up...help!

    Here's something that shouldn't be happening: When I try to add files to a project The file tree is not showing anything but desktop, with no options to select files from ANY other part of the hard drive or any optical drives. Just the desktop. It looks like there is other stuff above desktop in the tree, just no way to get there to click. -yes, my scroll bar is all the way up -yes, my screen resolution is 96dpi -yes, I have tried maximizing the window still can't see or select anything above desktop in the tree. any ideas????? here is a link to the image that I uploaded for the support ticket. https://techsupport.roxio.com/uploads/20080722163312185.gif