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    Before I Buy

    I would not recommend Photoshow 5 if you are planning to use the DVD feature to playback on the tv. I have had nothing but problems and frustrations. The Photoshow 5 has beautiful graphics and transitions, but you can't share it with anyone unless they come watch it on your computer. Even still, I have had problems trying to burn the DVD and the CD feature. It also did not effectively transfer my music properly. I am really disappointed in this because it does not deliver what it advertises. That is my experience and my opinion.
  2. I am very frustrated and disappointed with this PhotoShow. I even went as far as purchasing a brand new PC because I thought something was wrong with my older one and I found out it is this software. I created a beautiful PhotoShow and added 2 mp3s. Not only was I unable to make the DVD and CD Photoshow successfully, but only one of the songs played effectively. The 2nd song which I downloaded on the PhotoShow would only play the first few notes over and over again until the end of the show. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, changed my settings and everything else that I could use for support. Do I just need to chalk this up as a lemon? I was so desperate that I went ahead and ordered the DVD because this was a gift to a friend. But I don't think it is fair to purchase the software that is supposed to perform in a certain way, but only to find out that you have to purchase the DVD from them as well and with that, you have to use their awful soundtracks. Any thoughts on this disaster?