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  1. Hello.. Just wondering if this happened to anyone and is there anything I can do? When my photoshow detects pictures in my watch folder "My Pictures" folder, it "updates my library". However, when it says "loading thumbnails", my photoshow freezes. I have to manually close down photoshow by the task manager. Luckily I can still open the photoshow program. However, I am about to make a new photoshow just now. Does this affect my photoshows that I later create? Why is it doing this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. samandjulius

    Error Occurred While Opening Roadrunner Photoshow

    Hi.... you probably already read through all the posts.... but make sure to read this one: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=40090 It seems to be the closest to the problem you are having. I had a similar problem and I followed this; it worked temporarily, but then I got fed up and eventually just uninstalled and re-installed the program. I know I know... I love Photoshow for all it can do.. but I hate it for all its quirks. Love/Hate relationships, you know. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  3. samandjulius

    Burning Shows to DVD

    Hello.. I am also having an issue burning my show onto a DVD. Actually, I was successful in burning one DVD on medium setting, but the show jumped around and skipped some parts; so then I tried to make another DVD, with slow setting... and now it's been two hours trying to burn the DVD --it prepared it, processed photos, processed audio and merged audio and video.. and now it's on burning (building image) and the yellow bar is not progressing anymore. What does this mean? I don't get any error messages, but it's been more than two hours now.. is that normal? I've done everything you've already said to try. Please help.
  4. samandjulius

    Photoshow To Home Dvd--activation Code Invalid

    Hi... I am having a problem burning my photoshow onto a DVD. I keep getting the "activation code you entered is not valid" I am working off of Vista and I have tried the suggestion you made on the other post and still getting the error message. I have a family event in 2 days and this slideshow is a big part of it. Please help me to get my photoshow to burn onto a DVD. Thank you. Sam