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    Who Wants Their Money Back?

    I have to add my name to this list. I have contacted support and gotten help but it seems as if when one problem is resolved another one crops up. I need Windows Media Player because I download books from the library. Creator 10 has blocked my ability to receive information. The video doesn't work also, so it has hampered 2 things that are important to me. I would probably accept that something was wrong with my computer if I had been using it for over a year. However, this computer is less than 2 weeks old! So I can't say that the computer is a piece of junk. I might also think there was something wrong with this computer if had problems with other programs however all of them work the way they are suppose to until I added Roxio, which to me has to be the real problem. I have given up and I'm not happy with the program. I started using Sonic MyDVD when it first came out and remained a loyal customer through out all the changes and I've had to the joy of watching technology change. I build and have clients that I repair computers for, so I will admit there might be some problems as to my lack of knowledge. However, I'm not an ameture to computers. So, to me if it looks like a skunk, waddles like a skunk, and smells like a snunk then this program really is a snunk. I doesn't work I'm I'm really sorry that I purchased it. Eman
  2. emanka

    Compatible Capture Card

    To say the least I'm beginning to feel extremely frustrated with this program. Shouldn't there be some type of support on this list so I do not waste an entire moring looking for support software? Also I'm not getting a picture in cineplayer. When I started recording old videos I started with an earlier verison of Roxio. Now I'm feeling as though this product was a waste of good money. I'm upset and I don't want to sound negative but does the company provide more help than this? Eman
  3. emanka

    Compatible Capture Card

    I would like to know what capture devise/card is compatable with Roxio. I have Pinnacle and another card and neither work. So before I invest more money in trying to get the capture to work I thought I would write to the list. Your help would be greatly appreciated. TIA Emanka