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    Fotomagico / Lost Install

    I bought Toast 11 Pro several months ago. At the time I thought I installed everything. But I didn't have a use for FotoMagico, so I never opened it. Now I want to use it. When I open it, I'm asked for a license key. I've been through Roxio support and they tell me that there is no license key necessary; all I need to do is just "continue" through the screens until I get to the application. So I tried that, but when actually make a slideshow, there is a big huge watermark all over the slideshow that says "THIS IS A DEMO VERSION OF FOTOMAGICO." Is this really how it's supposed to work? Unfortunately I accidentally deleted my Toast 11 install .dmg (oops). Is there any way I can get that back? My download links no longer work.
  2. debit72

    Failed Verification

    I've been trying to burn backup disks of my photos. However, I have tried to burn the same group of photos three times and each time it fails verification due to "sector unreadable." A surface scan of the burned DVD reveals bad blocks. I have burned other groups of photos fine using the same drive and media. I'm using Toast 7.1.2 on a G5 running 10.4.11. I'm using Taiyo Yuden DVD-R (4.7GB). I figure there must be some problem with one of the files I'm trying to copy. Is there any way I can narrow it down and find the offending file? Would copying all of the photos to a different disk and then trying to burn from there help?
  3. debit72

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Sorry, this is out of my league ...
  4. debit72

    converting mono to stereo from MiniDV tape imput

    I've only been able to do this using iMovie and Quicktime.
  5. debit72

    Slide Clarity - import from iPhoto

    Could it be that commercial movie DVD's have less compression?
  6. debit72

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Here's the whole deal. I created a new workflow in Automator. The first step was "Ask for Finder Items." I chose "Files" and "Allow Multiple Selection." However, you may want to use something like "Get Specified Finder Items" since you know exactly where your images are. Or you could use "Find Finder Items" and select the location and use Extension is sd2f. In any case, you want the output of that first action to be a list of the images you want to mount. To test this part, add "View Results" as the second action in the workflow. Then run this a couple of times to verify that you're getting a list of files that looks something like this: {alias "Ginkou:Disk Images:Lowbrow In Concert.img", alias "Ginkou:Disk Images:Magical Mystery Tour.toast"} This is what I see in the View Results pane after I selected two images. Once you're sure that you are getting output in the correct format, add another action "Run Applescript." Then copy and paste the applescript verbatim into the window. Once you have that you should be good to go.
  7. debit72

    Rebate issue

    Just want to say that the Roxio folks have straightened out my rebate problem and it looks like it's on its way.
  8. debit72

    Rebate issue

    I am also having problems with the rebate. I sent in my form (including a printout of the email with the CD download key clearly marked) and I rec'd a postcard and email from rebateshq that I did not provide proof of ownership. The day after I rec'd the first email (April 19) I send another copy of the email. To date (May 8), when I look on the rebatehq website it still says that I have not submitted proof of ownership. Please help. Thanks.
  9. debit72

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    I played around and came up with the following Applescript. It will loop through a set of results (multiple files) and mount them in Toast*. I was using .toast files because I don't have any .sd2f files, but hopefully it should work in a similar manner. on run {input, parameters} repeat with i in input set myPath to i tell application "Finder" open myPath end tell tell application "Toast Titanium" mount image {myPath} end tell end repeat return input end run * I should say, mount them using Toast ... since toast will only display one image at a time in the Copy window. However, all of the images appear mounted on the Desktop.
  10. debit72

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Aha, but Toast is scriptable. Open your Script editor and use the Dictionary to look at the Toast actions. There is one there that looks promising ... "mount image". Maybe you can figure out a way to take the results of the "find finder items" search and pipe them to "mount image". Try asking for help in the Apple Discussions. I've found people on there are good about questions.
  11. debit72

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Hmm, I'm not an Automator expert, so I don't know how much I can help you, and I'm not entirely sure what is is you want to do. But I think in the first step of the workflow you can use something like "Find Finder Items" with criteria "Extension is equal to .sd2f" to get your files ... but then I'm stumped on how to do the mounting piece. It appears that Toast doesn't have any automator actions available.
  12. debit72

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Have you investigated using the Automator (part of Tiger)?
  13. debit72

    Password protection

    Just to be clear for the OP ... if I understand tsantee correctly, both of these solutions would require that the videos be watched on a computer. I don't think there is any way for Toast to build a DVD with a menu structure that would allow for the entry of passwords, for use on standard DVD players. Am I correct?
  14. debit72

    How to make a bootable external drive?

    No problem. Although, I vastly prefer Micromat's Techtool Pro for disk maintenance and repair. IMHO, much better than Norton, and comes with a boot disk.
  15. debit72

    Toast hangs and wont force quit

    Are you running any background processes that may be interfering?