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  1. I have been trying, for two days, to upload a photo show from photo show 4. I keep getting the same error message "Sorry you are having difficulty conencting to the server - try again". This keeps happening, eveyrytime, now, that I try to uplaod to the server to share a photo show. I have tried deleting cookies, files, and have cleaned out everything in Explorer and shuht off firewall - to no avail - it just will not go through - yet I can upload to Kodak, Shutterfly, Walgreen's - why is Photo Show so impossible to upload? If anyone can hlpe me, I would apprecaite it. I am waiting for a repsonse from Roxio - but they will probably send me the same suggestions I have already tried.
  2. RJJove

    Photo Show Not Delivered

    I don't know what to tell you, because, though I do have aol, I do not hae comcast...Good luck!
  3. RJJove

    Photo Show Not Delivered

    I tried, again, last evening, and they went through...BUT, it may be due to the fact that I disabled my firewall, first, whcih I have had to do, before, with these photo shows....BUT, still not reply from Tech support... a lot of good they are, ha? Thanks, they finally went through, last evening, on my third try!
  4. I have been using Photo Show for about a year, and I never had this problem. Everytime I hit to share photo show, I get a window that says it has been sent to all the designated e-mail address, but, it never arrives at any of them. doe sanyone have any suggestions? I have asked tech support, and though I have a case number, they have never gotten back to me with an answer.