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  1. I'm having the same problem - sometimes I get the error right away and sometimes it happens during the 'encoding' of one of the movies - sometimes it stops at movie #3, sometimes it gets almost all the way to the end, then I get the error. I've tried all the things that have been suggested but it keeps doing it. Any other suggestions? Thanks so much...shelly
  2. Hello, I was wondering what the difference was between "Play movie only" and "Play movie & all remaining movies in project." I have only used "Play movie only," the default and the DVDs have played just fine. I just noticed that there is this other option and was wondering what it meant to play remaining movies in project. Thanks very much for your help! Shelly
  3. Hello, I have 2 movies that I want to put on a DVD and I want to play one after another after I click on the 1st one. Now, it comes back to the main DVD menu after the 1st movie plays, but I want it to play the other one right away. How do I do that? Thanks! Shelly
  4. Great, thanks so much for the reply - I"ll try it! Thanks so much, I'll check it out!
  5. Hello, I'm working in My DVD and inserted 2 separate video clips - is there any way to merge them into 1 clip? Thanks for your help! Shelly
  6. It's been awhile since I tried it, but I think it was a video file in mgp or wmv format. Also, do you know what the easiest way would be to import a video, edit some parts out and save it to another video. (without menus and all that jazz) Thanks very much....Shelly
  7. Hello, I used DVD Express to create a little video on my computer using the "create folder set" method, but how can I upload it to youtube? Also, if I save it as an image, how do I view it as a movie and upload it to youtube? Thanks very much! Shelly
  8. Hello, I was wondering how you download pictures from a photoshow URL that you receive from someone. Thanks, Shelly
  9. Hello, I am creating a DVD in My DVD and when I go to Preview it, it doesn't load. Sometimes, it just gets hung up and sometimes it says that Videowave 10 has stopped working. Any suggestions? Thanks very much! Shelly Taskin