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  1. Has this issue been addressed? It is hit and miss for me. It is difficult to decide how to encode video or that I can get a certain amount of time on the disc. It takes 4 - 6hours to encode to MPeg4 of the length of an hour. Will the next service fix resolve this. Toast is great when it works. Unfortunately that is a minority of the time and I don't know until it has taken hours to encode video.
  2. I finally figured out how to make it work. I used QT Pro you can use Final Cut Express or Imovie QT conversion process. The original video came from FCE. I used H264 and AIC. I prefer the latter. PCM audio. Set resolution to 1440x1080 specify frame rate to 29.97 set to 1080i if using Apple Intermediate. Faster processing for me with AIC. I simply upconverted to this resolution using QT. I tested from 15Mb/20mb and 10Mb/16 the only difference I noticed was in high motion frankly it was too shaky anyway. Toast 9 should either deal w/ either format directly or convert or refuse. Much wasted time getting it to work. But I managed to get Mpeg4 avc going upto 1hr regular DVD. YMMV. I am going to try Bluray as well. Hope that helps.
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    Any Ideas On Mpeg4avc?

    Already done that. And I am not the only one with these issues. I haven't found anyone with a winning formula other than use MPEG-2.
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    Any Ideas On Mpeg4avc?

    I am trying to convert some QT mov files into HD DVD on DVD-R. I have been successful with MPEG-2 albeit an inferior image. I have tried 720p video both AIC/PCM and H264/AAC. Both drop frames on playback and the audio falls out of sync. I have played with various bit rates. It is definitely an encoding issue as even .toast file does it throu DVD Player in OS X. Is 720p not supported? It either blows up Code -39 error data fork. Or has the drop issue. Anyone successfully do the MPEG4?