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    Video Export Failed

    I'll try that. Thanks
  2. estone

    Video Export Failed

    Now I cannot play the videos at all. I end up getting "PhotoShow has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for any inconvenience."
  3. estone

    Video Export Failed

    Tried it. I get the same message. Video export failed. I chose avi not wvm since my video is avi. Is that correct? Another problem. I went to these videos and tried to edit them in my photoshow with respect to how long they are and I get PhotoShow has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Also tried wvm. It progressed better(97%) but failed again when it was merging video and audio.
  4. estone

    Video Export Failed

    How do you export the show as a video file? It automatically exports it. When making a CD or DVD the program tells me to select the show I want to burn, then click continue, it then asks whether I want the playback for viewing on a computer or tv. Then choose burn speed. Then it automatically starts to export the information. There are no other options. I've followed all of the general tips in your email. Thanks
  5. estone

    Video Export Failed

    When burning an SVCD using a LITE-ON LTR-48247S CD burner and a maxell PhotoCD-Rpro, I get a message that the video export failed. I am using a photoshow with pics and avi video from a Canon 1100is still camera. I bought this program so I could burn SVCDs and hopefully DVDs when I get a DVD burner. But in the mean time why won't it export the video. Burning a CD-ROM for viewing on a computer, on the identical photoshow, works fine. I've tried all of the suggestions involving firmware and enabling DMA. DMA is enabled and it looks like lite-on doesn't have any firmware for this model on their website. Is it my camera AVI format? Any suggestions would be appreciated!