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    Alarm Too Late

    yes, I have tried that. It seems that toast will not accept my compressed version. Even though the bar shows under 23.33GBs it still shouts"Too Large!"
  2. NickD

    Alarm Too Late

    When ever I try to burn my own BDs I'm trying to search for answers. Some times I succeed and don't. I can't understand why Roxio doesn't fix the very long encoding. Now I know I have 23.33 GBs to work with.I like to take my favorite movies, complete TV shows compress to fit. I will drag maybe as many as nine or more movies, depending on size. If I choose "Custom" it will show only the original size and an alert not enough disk space. if I pick " Automatic" the compress amount shows. Then the "Encoding bar appears and takes hours to reach the end. any where from 12,15, 24 hours. and when it just about finishes. a message then tells me not enough disk space even though the bottom of the Toast BD screen says under 23.22 GBs. It's like the fire alarm goes off after the house burns down. How about an alert before all that encoding.
  3. NickD

    Encoding Time On Different Computers

    Well, My complaint is the encoding time it takes to complete. either for a DVD with 2 compressed movies or a list of movies which takes about 21 GBs of space. On a Blu Ray disc will take more than 24 hours. DVD, I didn't check but still too long. I recall in earlier versions that it went directly to "WRITE" or is my old age catching up with me. On one Blu Ray that had about 10 movies with menus it took over a full day, when just about 100% encoding a message showed not enough space etc.etc. and disk will not be used and it's ejected. I was wondering if there is a third party that will encode faster than Toast or is this a Toast only Plug In?
  4. NickD

    Compressed Files Are Useless

    Sorry, I tried that. But it still is alerted as not enough space
  5. NickD

    Compressed Files Are Useless

    Hmm, maybe it's me I thought it was clear. let's say I take a video file that is under 3GB and another file with about the same and compress both and using, let's say, Iskysoft Video converter and choose the Video compressed choice. it usually takes it down to half the of the original GBs. But when I choose DVD video and drag these compressed titles. it sort goes back to the original BBs it was.
  6. NickD

    Compressed Files Are Useless

    After compressing any movie video files to folder. It does show each file as 1.4 GB, more or less. But when I drag two files that are compressed to about those amounts. The bottom line which appears below the Red button shows a total of the original GBs before compressing and is to large to burn. This also happens with the Blu ray format as well. Is there any solution to avoid this?
  7. NickD

    Blu Ray Alert

    Tried your first tip. It burned on a blank BD But player rejected because it lacked A programing..... On your second tip. In the past he has been successful in burning 41 of their Christmas Collection with menus. Also some old and newer movies. all were ripped, he uses Iskysoft video converter or Prism to compress to MP4 files and all were successful. He wants to put a barney Miller DVD collection (56 Episodes) to Blu Ray after compressing to a folder as I mentioned first. Get Info showed total of 26.42 GBs. when dragged into his Toast 10 pro, a total of 86.GBs were listed at the bottom toast. I was hoping someone out there could explain the big difference from folder compared to the Toast total. But Thanks for your effort. May someone will know.
  8. NickD

    Blu Ray Alert

    I got a call from a friend of mine, who I talked him into being a Mac user. It seems he also has the same problem that others have. He wanted to burn a collection of one of his favorite TV shows. He first compressed the whole collection and directed to a folder. We clicked on the folder, from file we chose "Get Info" the capacity showed 16.84 BB. When dragged into Toast 10 Pro. Blu Ray selection. He inserted a blank BD i his BD burner. Then dragged the folder into Toast,after it all downloaded. the total at the bottom showed 81.77 GB, after clicking on the red button, a message shows; Too Big to burn. Is there an answer for this behavior?
  9. NickD

    Encoding Too Slow, Very Slow

    I'v been trying to help my family and friends. ( Mac Users only with Toast 10 and BD burners.) Some with family home made videos and a few who want their old DVD movie collection. First compressing in the MP4 mode. using either Iskysoft media converter or Prism, depending what 3rd party they have. we have succeeded into burning 11 or more movies on one disk and choosing a menu selection, a great feature of Roxio. BUT..... for a blu ray of these movies takes hours to encode, Image save is the same. My neighbor for instance is trying to put his entire collection of "Victory At Sea" on a BD (After Compressing.). He claims he used the image save and still encoding, went to sleep, next morning it still was encoding. Does anyone out there know of a 3rd party SW Mac of course that can encode fast and skip the toast 10 "Turtle Walk"? One more puzzle, After compressing "Victory' the "Get Info shows under 23 1?3 GBs. when the entire folder is dragged into the Toast BD. it shows about 46 GBs. It seems it goes back to it's original size. Anyone?
  10. NickD

    Bd Encoding?

    I think you should know that when you do choose Save Disk image. It to encodes just as long. I still think a third party should encode first and then it should Write only. I have just notice there's a Software; Squeese which I have to study and watch the Videos "How To". http://www.sorensonmedia.com/video-encoding/ NickD
  11. NickD

    Bd Encoding?

    Let's face, I have been trying to burn my old Vid movies to blu Ray.But the encoding takes over 12 hours. Then when starting to write which also takes a very long time. And at times it will get to about 65%. and error will pop up and all that time is wasted and a wasted BD is now garbage. Does any one know is there is a third party that will encode each video file and all Toast 10 will just "WRITE. NickD
  12. NickD

    Adding Music To A Slideshow

    Use Iphoto. drag all you want to add music. Click on the Play triangle. when it opens, click it again and a small box menu open, choose Music and choose itunes file and drag each song in space. then play, your sideshow will play each song in order. better yet, read the "HELP" in the menu bar I have created a few shows with Sinatra and big Bands and you'll be able to burn to blank dis also,,,NickD
  13. NickD

    Blu Ray Burnic

    I do know with the BD plug in of Toast 10, it will hold 23.33 GBs of video. Also a Music DVD will hold 50 Hrs of music, So how much music will a Blu Ray disk Hold?
  14. NickD

    Sub Title Translator

    I know this may sound far fetched, but I recall searching for subtitle help. I did come across a software that even showed a video sample. The video was spoken in Russian and it created and installed the titles in English. But I think it was for Windows only and I neglected to add it to my Bookmarks. I do have a collection of Italian videos without subtitles and would love to add English titles. Anyone know of any third party software that will do the job.
  15. NickD

    Burned A Dvd-Dl From A Bluray And My Bluray Player Won't Play It

    Sorry but the only files that I played are the regular DVD movies, which you can compress with most Video Converters. I just burned two different Christmas disks using blank BD disks in the internal LG BD burner, I was able to fit 12 classic Christmas movies with menus and they played back as good as the original DVD. The only draw back is that it takes hours to encode and then write. I wish I could be more help. I would contact both companies tech departments of your burner and player.