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  1. fldoggie

    Problem Burining Dvd

    Solution update!! When I continued to follow up , I decided to open a new package of DVD's..First I tried on my old work horse Acer lap top & LG combo..it worked perfectly. Then I created a small sample show on the HP. It was also successful. Both of the newly created DVD's play on my Panasonic Bluray and Plasma TV. I don't know what was different on the new DVD's . They were both Sony DVD-R...1-16x Accucore..made in Taiwan. The old ones were: 50 Pack © 2006 DMR47LS4 and the new 100 pack: © 2010 DMR 47RS4 ????? Doesn't mean much to me. I threw out the rest of the old ones. Just happy both machines are fine. So I guess we can deduce that the error code FFFFDC7A can also just be an indication of a bad disc. I hope it is a simple fix for some other frustrated member.
  2. fldoggie

    Problem Burining Dvd

    Update, I also tried to burn the new show on my Acer with LG external drive. This drive is the one that I usually make my shows on. This time, I got the same error code: FFFFDC7A??? I would have to deduce that there is something different about this show????
  3. fldoggie

    Problem Burining Dvd

    I just got the same error code FFFFDC7A when I tried to burn a DVD on my HP Touchsmart. I had thought it was going to go OK. It started out as usual, like you could see the little slide images as it processed, so I left it to go have dinner and when I came back.. "Failed to Burn" with the error code. I am really frustrated. I had reinstalled the Photoshow 6 softwear and was hoping for the best. I only use Amazon MP3's so that isn't the cause. I wonder if there is a description of any other issues for that particular error code. Bought this HP in Oct 2011, and it has never made a photoshow. I can make a DVD from my downloaded videos, etc, but when I try to use the Roxio softwear, I get the error. I just tried it again with a sample 2 slide show with one MP3 and it goes through the whole process, all stages...it looks like it is complete..then the disc pop's out and the error code as well???? Any ideas?
  4. fldoggie

    Uploading Music

    Well, I think I'm in business on this issue...I did the softwear download and re-installation..and made a tiny slide show..and successfully used an Amazon, Jimmy Buffett MP3.. ...Right now..it is working!!! BTW, I called Norton, and was told it would not interfere with the installation and no need to touch the settings. In case anyone else has 360..It did not affect the process. So, Thanks for the help. When I get more time, I guess I will take on the next issue..which is Making the DVD's on the HP Touchsmart.. I have still been using my little Acer 11 in lap top and an LG external writer, as the HP was not able to burn them.. Not sure if the new softwear installation has helped or not.. To be continued.....
  5. fldoggie

    Uploading Music

    Thank you for responding...OK..I see what you are saying...I wont have time to play with it right now...but I will advise on how I do. Can you sense my trepidation? Ha,Ha... Fldoggie
  6. fldoggie

    Uploading Music

    Carrying over from my other post..my issue with Amazon mp3's on the desk top version...I have not been able to upload to my shows..so I have been making shows on line, where I can do the mp3 downloads..then I download the finished show to desktop..to make my DVD's. sknis replied to my other post with the re-downloading idea.. I was a little paranoid as I didn't want to screw anything up. Are you guys just going on the roxio site and downloading the Roxio photoshow 6 on top of your current copy without any problems. I have Windows 7 on a semi new HP Touchsmart, with Norton 360. I'm not very comfortable with shutting it down...Do you think it would download with permission from Norton..I assume I will get a Norton box, asking me if I want to allow, etc. What say ye? Fldoggie
  7. fldoggie

    What Is Going On?

    Sorry if it was rude to not reply ..Not used to using these forums.. The website came back up..and I am not sure just how long it was down.. I did get a response from Corel..but it was just an e-mail telling me they were working on the matter, and I ended up sending a reply..advising the site had come back..but I had questions about the tech contact support, etc..Never heard back after that. I do have questions about the mp 3's...I will try to go to sknis if I can figure out how? Fldoggie
  8. fldoggie

    What Is Going On?

    I have been trying to make a photo show since yesterday..I have the Photoshow premium softwear on my PC, but it would not accept Amazon MP3's....so I needed to use the Photoshow.com softwear to get the downloading done to make the show.... Neeless to say..There is no Photoshow.com web site at the moment, and I am not happy with the lack of customer service. I spent 2 hours last night trying to chase down a tech somewhere...but got the run around everywhere I went. On the Corel site..I was able to get a chat tech...but she could not help..she would only say I had to e-mail the corel roxio ( Corel.force.com, etc)..That is the only tech support for Roxio at the moment.. I did e-mail them ..and it says they have 48 hours to respond...doesn't sound like premiun service tech support to me...I could always contact a Roxio tech anytime I had an issue...That is why I stayed for years. Does anyone know of a chat line or tech phone number besides the???? When I called the only number on the Corel site as a Photoshow premium customer, it blew me off..It aimed me right back to the sign on screen for the e-mail. I have a two year automatic renewal from June....and it's not looking too promising. What's up, Gang???? Fldoggie
  9. Have new PC...so downloaded softwear from web site...have had for years on old computer..had problems with download discovered when i tried to make show... Re-downloaded..seemed fine..but after completing show...tried to burn a dvd...took hour and a half...but didn't burn the photoshow..only picked up the music...I have since made dvd's on my old pc....but wonder if there is a new glitch on the current softwear downloads..as i saw a similaR POST ON THIS PAGE...BUT THERE WERE NO CONCLUSIONS...I WISH I KNEW...BEFORE I DOWNLOAD AGAIN...AS IT CREATED THE SHOW PERFECTLY.. aNYONE GOT A CLUE????
  10. fldoggie

    Photo Show Not Delivered

    I hv been using phototoshow for over a yr..i have it through Comcast...I hv been going crazy..for the last 5 days or so...i announced to whole family i hd snt photo shows f two vacations..now i am getting e-mail fr all concerned..stating they are not getting the show's...i hv disabled the firewall..& hv snt the shows at least 25 times...and in the last two days finally two shows went..but at least a dozen that i snt in the last two days hv not gone...& i can't figure it out..it seems like i snd them the same way..but i try all kinds of ways to send....i also hv aol e-mail..that i still purchase..so between the Comcast & aol e-mail add's..i think the softwear is confused???? does anyone else hv aol & comcast????