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    Cannot Start Crunch

    I used the Windows Control Panel to uninstall Crunch and completely disabled all Norton scaning features -- virus, emails, script -- and re-installed Crunch. I did not receive the error message during the install. However, the startup problem remains the same. After the initial Splash Screen -- there is no indication that Crunch is running -- other than seeing the process running in Task Manager. Any other suggestions?
  2. fredmoss

    Cannot Start Crunch

    This is for Crunch PC (not the mac version) During installation -- I receive the following error message from Norton Anti Virus "Malicious Script Detected - Windows Script Host Shell Object -- Create Shortcut MSIExec.exe" I tell Norton to allow the script to proceed and the install finishes as it should. After a reboot, I attempt to run the program and the Splash Page appears OK. The warning message for copyright infringement comes up and then the application does not start. There is intensive disk activity for up to three minutes, then nothing -- no error messages. The Crunch9.exe process is running with 0 CPU percentage. And overall CPU utilization and memory usage is very low. Also, after attempting to run Crunch, other applications either don't start or take very long to start. Until I reboot and then my system is back to normal. What seems to be the problem?