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    '9' Disc Labelling Software

    In tried all the permutations and still find a lot of the menu I would want after starting a new project...not available.
  2. I stopped using this program with my old machine due to reliability problemsm probably the PC was not up to it! I now have a fully upgraded 'state of the art' machine that does everything with ease in ROXIO..... EXCEPT! Before I was able to import images, add text and manipulate images to fit the CD whatever. I think I have fully installed the PC. I went to test that CD labelling software and found a lot of the menus greyed out. I was able to start a CD label design, all I could get was a full circle narrow text box that was patheticically inadequate compared with the flexibility I had before, I was able to load an image but although the proper4 handles came up and you think you are making an image larger or whatever actually it had no effect. I have tried a re-install with no noticeable difference. It is as if I have loaded a ridiculously 'lite' version of the software. I would appreciate help. I am obviously doing something wrong. I have approached the labelling software several different ws to no effect.
  3. XP Pro Roxio 9 Realtek Sound Card In words of one syllable what have I done wrong? I am recording off the net using Roxio's Audio Capture facility. I do not feel in control of the recording as the only way I can control levels is by using the volume control on the PC, the us. No auto feature. The usual slider associated with the level is greyed out. The input selector is greyed out. It is as if the software says I don't want you to manually do anything I will sort it! I know auto feature levels off the sound, but why has it disappeared I must have missed a setting somewhere. I am creating a WAV file on my PC BTW.