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    Runtime Error

    Hey, If I were smart. I might have figured it out by now! Yes, to asnwer the question - going in via FireWire. IEEE1394, IFIRC. Also, assumption correct - I did feel the urge to run some "registry cleaner" before said error occurred. But have since removed the application en toto. So, no sense of humor, huh? Pity. Without it I would have gone crazy long ago. Since my trials and tribulations I have been pointed to Magix and Ulead, and VideoReDo (which seems pretty simple for an MPEG2 tool) and downloaded what could or could not be a legal copy of Studio 10. If Studio 9 had HDV support, 10 has to, right? Honestly anyone that reads and posts I appreaciate. Even if at times I appear cheeky.
  2. wilgrow_co

    Runtime Error

    Oh, that *is* priceless. So I do a fresh install. Really fresh. No more error. But, the drop down device, once selected, refuses to "stick". More searching. Not sure if I am getting worse, or better. :/
  3. wilgrow_co

    Runtime Error

    I am getting the runtime error when I am trying to import my media into Roxio today. Sadly, this has worked fine before (albeit hold your breath - don't touch anything on the keyboard - fine) but now is simply crapping out. There is that page that tells you to update direct X, then uninstall and re-install, then create a new user account. All tried, with no success. I have an HDV camcorder that is recording on magnetic MiniDV tapes. I just want to transfer onto my PC hard disk, then store on digital media (like DVD or DVD-DL or maybe even Blu-Ray). Can someone, anyone, suggest a better product that will work - oh I don't know - 75% of the time would make me happy. ? Anyone at all?
  4. wilgrow_co

    Unexpected Termination under Disc Copier

    Oooo. So, doesn't look good, does it. It could be part of the system too. I have an HP/Compaq Presario that likes to tell me who's boss sometimes, too. ====================================================== Just to follow up, IRC steered me to a Microsoft removal tool, I had traces of both Sonic and Roxio, maybe that was it. Regedit, so on, so forth, seems to be working alright now. So, thanks to the good folks at Roxio.
  5. wilgrow_co

    Unexpected Termination under Disc Copier

    No, I did not. I still use IE 6, and WMP is at 10. I really don't want to upgrade, but if you recommend, i would as a sort of last resort.
  6. wilgrow_co

    Unexpected Termination under Disc Copier

    I was aware of the repair function inside of the appication. Tried this again but was met with exactly the same results. Basically it's an error within the Microsoft Operating System because that dccctrl8.dll is causing the application to crash. (I sent the error report once, but the last 7 times no) I had been using version 7 of disc copier, with presumably a different version of the *.dll, and the same problem happened. So, the re-install did not repair, unfortunately. And I found very limited information about that dynamic librabry link, not that I would know what to do with it once I *did* find it.
  7. This is a relatively new development to what I had seen as stable software but I cannot get disc copier to function any longer. As I try to burn a DVD located on my hard disk drive, the explorer function, used to navigate to this file directory, causes the application to unexpectedly terminate. I think I (may have) isolated the *.dll of dccctrl8.dll as being the offender, but I don't know why this happened, suddenly. Nor do I know how to get the application working again. I don't think the problem is with Roxio entirely, but I figured I would start here, first. And, my apology if this has been covered before. XP home, SP 2, latest patches from both Microsoft and Roxio, no trace of malware from recent scans.
  8. This may sound dumb, but is there a way to edit out the content before burning the data onto my blank DVD platter? The DVD I want to copy shows several clips inside that I don't want to copy to my burned DVD. I see the application splitting out those "files" for me, tempting me, but I can't seem to omit them by clicking my keys on my keyboard and mouse no matter what. Thanks in advance.