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  1. Hello David, First let me say that my prior problem of people receiving my shows in 'edit' form seems to have resolved itself. KUDOS to you for all of your help and concern Next, I have a computer that that broke, that I had used my simplestar 5 license with. I borrowed a computer in the meantime, using my software license again with no problem. Now my original laptop has been repaired and when I went to install my simplestar again, it won't let me use my license #. I saw nowhere that it said 1 computer limit on that registration #. In fact, it's should be a moot point since installing it on the second laptop meant there were no two locations with the license # employed. Now I can't get my theme packs from either laptop as I lost my activation codes for the packs when I originally lost a hard drive. Can you help with this? Is there somewhere I can loop up those activation #s as there originally was. Why, when I have the gold star as a premium member, can't I use my license on my repaired laptop? I paid around $60 I believe as I, thankfully, wanted the actual disc sent in the mail. They never sent the activation for the theme packs...I had to go to simplestar.com for that. I also agree with the others about the 'updates' to simplestar. I did do it, not having the foresight of the others, but now wonder.....if simplestar isn't in existence (?) now, what would those updates consist of? Do they still participate in some behind the scenes fashion? Heh, maybe it's why my 'edit' situation works now. Still, I need to burn my dvds that I paid for and get my theme packs. Thanks as always David, Carol :-)
  2. Sure thing David....My point was that Roxio IS ANSWERING things. So, users don't despair. I was filled with dread that I wouldn't be able to conduct 'business as usual' as I'm a realtor and use this as my primary link to anything show related to my listings as well as other agents that I help. Kudos to Roxio for being sooo helpful to me in the last couple of days. :-)) Carol (artressa)
  3. My Photoshows are uploading but when the link is created, and I add it to a business site, the links that are emailed to people or clicked on show that the slide show is 'Editable'. I don't like this at all. I wonder if I did something wrong. Any ideas anyone? Carol (artressa)
  4. HOWDY.......I spoke with someone at Roxio yesterday, telling me that I needed directX and something similar that I now can't remember. My former simplestar software became screwy when taken over by Roxio so I uninstalled, installed the latest directX and and I think the other may have been active X. I now can use my former software and upload it. Couldn't get the link to work today though. I contacted selfserve.roxio.com and had a 'free' live chat with a rep. I don't know what he did...I gave him the non-working link & my email. I now can use the link in my personal website. They were really helpful and it isn't the end of the world that they have taken over simplestar. There are reasons it's not working for you and it's a matter of digging for them. Go to the selfserve.roxio.com before 6pm eastern and you will get help. look for 'live chat' HOPE THIS HELPS! I understand your frustration. Carol :-)
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    Can't Email Photoshow

    ERROR CODE 202 ALSO!!! Hello Roxio...I have been trying the whole weekend to updload or share a photoshow. I'm more confused than ever with Photoshow. I can't do anything more than make the show 'offline'. ERROR CODE 202 for me too :-( I just don't know what to do anymore. Also, I originally bought through SimpleStar for $57 and SimpleStar had some kind of error where I didn't receive my extra theme packs. I think they said go online and they would appear. I don't believe they ever did and I paid for them. Anyway I'm hoping tech support monitors these forums so we can get help with this. Love the product though (when it works loll) Thanks, Artressa