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  1. netmation

    Combine MTS Files and Edit?

    Thanks. Most of the recommendations seemed to be for the Apple though, unless you want to spend $800 on Adobe Premier Pro. Let me know what ends up working for you. Thanks.
  2. netmation

    Combine MTS Files and Edit?

    Thanks for responding "boreal". I am kind of lost on how to edit my MTS files still, though I really have not put lots of time into it. Not sure if Roxio out of the box will allow us to edit and combine the MTS clips the GH1 records. Many on the Internet talk about TSmuxer as a good tool to combine clips but that was not apparent either to me the few minutes I tried it. Lots of terminology I am just not familar with. Here is the link for TSMuxer. http://www.smlabs.net/tsmuxer_en.html I have a copy of Corel VideoStudio here as well which many say is a nice easy to use package but have not gone that far. If you have any success please feel free to drop me a note at anytime. Thanks, Al albert@netmation.com
  3. When I go into some features I see this message... Please wait while Windows configures Roxio Creator 2009. I can't cancel the pop up, and I did a full install of everything. What is causing this message? Any ideas?
  4. Saw the video on the Roxio site for merging a PHOTO taken with a green screen background on top of a video. But with Roxio is it possible to merge a VIDEO taken on a green screen background with another photo or even another video to be used as the background. Example would be to take a video of a person talking infront of a green screen and merge in another photo or video for the background. Can this be done with any version of Roxio? Currently I have the 2009 version, thanks.
  5. netmation

    Combine MTS Files and Edit?

    Have the MTS files (AVCHD) taken with a Lumix GH1. New to Roxio software and I have Roxio Creator 2009. Can Roxio easily combine this MTS files, and then edit them? Or do I need to convert them first to another format and then edit. Any help with describing the best process and formats to use would be great. Thanks.
  6. Oh I see my problem now. The first screen changes, it depends on what are your frequently used programs. That is why I did not see it, my menu does not look like yours. I hate software that does that, thinking they know what is best . Thanks.
  7. On the main page I don't see Create DVD's Advanced. I can click the DATA - COPY tab and under CREATE I see BURN DATA DISC - ADVANCED, but once in there I don't see anything that says CHANGE MENU STYLE. Sorry for my confusion.
  8. Sorry but I don't see MyDVD, what is it called in Creator 2009.
  9. How can I tell by looking at the software or directory if I have CONTENT installed? I believe my box only came with one CD/DVD. Don't have it in front of me right now and not sure if it was a DVD or CD. But don't recall any options to install CONTENT.
  10. I have Roxio Creator 2009 and EMC 10 on my system and see all the following in ADD REMOVE programs. If I want to get rid of version 10 I should even delete the Roxio Update Manager, and Roxio CinePlayer Decoder Pack? EMC 10 Content Roxio Central Audio Roxio Central Copy Roxio Central Core Roxio Central Data Roxio Central Tools Roxio CinePlayer Decoder Pack Roxio Creator 2009 Roxio Disc Gallery Roxio Easy Meida Creator 10 Suite Roxio MediaShare Roxio Update Manager May not have EMC 11 Content yet since I have not saved anything yet with Roxio?? Maybe a better solution would be to leave it all on here and wait for EMC 12, then delete all of it prior to installing that should I remember this next year. Thanks for the help.
  11. I guess I just never had a reason to. I don't really play any games and the video included on the motherboard has always given me the max resolution and colors. But since I want to start editing video I suppose a graphic card may be in order. I ran dxdiag and looks like Direct X 9 is running. Thanks, Al
  12. Can you uninstall Roxio 2008 after installing 2009. There are so many different Roxio titles in the ADD/REMOVE list I would think this could be difficult determining what stays and what goes? Would be nice if Roxio install would give the option to uninstall the old version first like most other software products do IMO.
  13. I have a PC that uses the video capabilities built into the motherboard running WinXP SP3. Would that mean that I do not have the capability of DirectX9 and would not be able to run Roxio Creator 2009 on it?
  14. Have a couple of issues with the Roxio Cineplayer. 1. When I put in a movie DVD the Cineplayer comes up by default. How can I change this so Windows Player comes up. 2. The DVD's work on Windows Player, but do not work on Cineplayer. I only hear audio with Cineplayer. I have tried unchecking the Enable Video Hardware Accelerations and Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) support, but that only changed the black screen to white and still blank within the player. I would like to have both Windows Media Player and Cineplayer working and to be able to control which is the default, if possible. Thanks.
  15. netmation

    Roxio 10 No AVCHD support?

    Here is a good article on the current state of AVCHD software support. Bottom of the article mentions vendors and how well they support it. http://crave.cnet.com/8301-1_105-9746777-1.html?tag=nl.e501