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  1. I have vista and this program has been working for me. All of a sudden the program will not open...error message says Roxio has stopped working....any ideas
  2. diamundo45

    Cant Burn Cd With Wav File As Source

    I was just looking at music lab 10 for 29$.Looks like thats all I need. I only need it for burning cd's not realinterested in anything else...EMC has nice optiosn that I may use later down the line
  3. diamundo45

    Cant Burn Cd With Wav File As Source

    I cant drag any thing in there...so I guess no patch is available and have to drop dollars on roxio8 or above?
  4. I have roxio 7. I am using vista. I am trying to burn to CD-R WAV music files. I have converted FLAC files to WAV music files. When I go to create audio music CD and choose my files, The files will not drag down to be burned.I can see the files and they play on my computer. I used to do this process on my old computer using windows XP. Is there a patch available to allow me to drag these files down to be burned? I can use Lable Creator in Roxio 7 on Vista. So it seems things are compatable. I really love Roxio and wish I can get it to work on Vista.Thankyou